5 Weirdest, Most Insane, But Totally Awesome Tourist Spots in Ireland

Visiting a new place for the first time would never be fulfilling if you were not able to witness the weirdest and most unusual spots that the country can offer you. When we talk about travel, we strive to see only the best spots ‒ particularly those that are mostly explored ‒ but what we fail to realize is that going on a trip is not just about the breathtaking views and all because the weird ones should count too.

Sadly, there are strange attractions that do not receive the attention that they deserve from travellers. But if you want to see these kinds of ghastly places then Ireland is the perfect place to be! We have collected a shortlist of the weirdest, most insane, but totally awesome destinations that you’d love to see in the famous Emerald Isle.

The Echo Gate in Trim, County Meath

What makes a site weird, aside from its bizarre structure, is the story that lies within the place. A famous story told by the villagers in Trim Town says that many youngsters would often stop by the gate to shout and hear echoes as their voices bounce back from across the medieval ruins. But the folklore has turned into a huge puzzlement when people started hearing about several reports, arguing that the echo has disappeared. Some villagers have also confirmed the truth about this belief when they tried to stand between the gate posts and hear not even a single echo as they shouted. Visit the Echo Gate in County Meath to find the truth about the lost echoes.


Irish Sky Garden in County Cork

The Irish Sky Garden may not really look like a man-made attraction at first as you take your step on its green meadows but the garden is actually a masterpiece of the American artist James Turrell. The strange thing about this attraction is its crater-like design but what’s more uncommon is the pedestal found at the centre of the garden field. The pedestal is like a tomb of ancient mummified remains. But if you try to lie on top of this plinth, your heart will pound with amazement as you find the sky framed perfectly by the rim of the crater. Visit Cork to experience the picturesque sky view from this crater-like garden. The place is filled with top Irish hotels nearby so you can spend later at night and gaze at the stars in the sky. 

Victor's Way Indian Sculpture Park

The statue that you see on this picture is just one among the many unusual and a bit scary statues you’ll find at Victor’s Way Indian Sculpture Park, located in County Wicklow. The park is like a historical heritage to more than thirty black granite and bronze stone sculptures that range in different sizes from 5 to 15-feet tall. History says that it took twenty years to finish the creation of the park that features the Indian sculptures that were designed after the owner Victor Langheld visited India in search of enlightenment.

The Cork Butter Museum 

Ireland is no doubt a home to several prehistoric structures, places, events, and collections. Thus, it is not surprising to find many different museums in every corner of the island. While a butter museum doesn’t sound like a go-to place for history, the Cork Butter Museum actually highlights the very important part of the country’s development. Butter is known to be the country’s largest food export and hence there’s no reason to exclude such meaningful contribution to Ireland’s history. The museum exhibits a keg of butter that about a thousand years old, a timeline tour of butter making, and a collection of the best and original butter labels in the country. Spend a day and you’ll learn so much from Cork Butter Museum and don’t forget to look for several last-minute hotel deals around Cork. 

    The National Leprechaun Museum in County Dublin

Another weird but interesting attraction to spend a holiday is at the National Leprechaun Museum that is located in County Dublin, the capital city that also boasts for the best Irish hotel deals for foreign and local travellers. What you see on the photo is not photoshopped. The museum is not just inspired by the worldwide fame of the lucky charm mascot and its pot of gold but it also brings the history of fairies and other Irish legends to life by putting up a night-time adventure show perfect for group tours. 

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