9 Tips to Ensure Safety of Your Credit Card

Credit cards? Well, you are talking about one of the most supportive as well as challenging financial products. If you keep and use them safely, they are your strength but if you miss to do that oops! The mess begins. There are many factors that may cause threat to the safety of your credit cards.  You should know about all of them to prevent the chaos before it spoils your finances. There are countless victims of issues on this matter and the lesson is one, a small mistake can do big losses. Staying prepared beforehand is always a smarter way to handle financial matters. So, ARE YOU IN?

1.       Keep basic credit card security in practice
At the same time when you get the new credit card from mail, sign it on the back. Besides, do not store your PIN in the place you store the card. If your card gets stolen, you will not want the thief to have PIN. This is a very basic suggestion but you know what, all the security measures starts from simple basic habits.

2.       Be careful with your receipts
Never forget to draw a line through any extra space in your receipt. It prevents anyone to add any additional amounts or charges. Also, regularly check your receipts and compare them with the billing statements to ensure that everything is adding accordingly. Securely file them and shred those that are of no more use. Sometimes, we find such small precautions so unimportant and we don’t even consider this. But just like a small mistake can do a big harm a small precaution can ensure safety from a big threat.

3.       Your account number should remain private
The tricky minds out there have countless ways to get your credit card number.  To ensure its privacy and safety, work on the following suggestions.

·         Whenever you are in public, do not let anyone see your credit card.
·         Never give your card information unless you are talking to a reliable merchant or bank.
·         Consider paperless statements and make online payments. This makes removing your information from the portal system easy. In case there are any documents or papers then it is advisable to shred them before the disposal.
·         Never every answer any email, which asks your personal information or your account details. Even if it is from a reputable organisation or company or your bank.

4.       Stay alert if you are unemployed
There are many finance companies that try to trick you in the name of providing unemployed loans. While in conversation, they smartly ask your credit card information. The jobless people become vulnerable to fraud companies as they are in stress of pending obligations. However, few loan choices are there for instance the - guaranteed loans for unemployed but you need to take caution to prevent the fraud ones. 

5.       Keep your bank updated on current information
Always keep your personal information updated. Address, e-mail address, contact number. It is better to periodically check if your bank or finance company has your latest information or not. You do not want that your bank statements and other related things get in anyone else’s hands. In the busy chaotic life, it is possible to miss to update the information. But you cannot afford carelessness if it is about critical credit card issues.

6.       Secure your devices
Your device should be only smart in its look but also strong in its security measures. Following ways can help you do that.
·    Back your computer with a firewall. Forget not to change the password when required and always keep the firewall ON.
·      Install security software. You know the two most common types – Anti-spyware, that prevents people from monitoring your activity. Second is anti-virus that protects the computer from malicious code. However, still you should avoid to download any file from unknown place.
·         Download and install updates on operating system, browser and software. These updates include the latest security features.

7.       Make the passwords smart
This is a ubiquitous and obvious thing. Make your passwords completely unpredictable. A good password is a complex mix of numbers and letters. Do not include birthday dates, family member names as they are easy to imagine. All people that are familiar to you in this world, especially those who are not family members can always make an undue use of it. Keep changing the passwords periodically using your utmost creativity to make a unique password every time. However, make sure that it should not be too complicated that you forget after sometime. That can be a blunder mistake.

8.       Work for online protection while shopping things
Online shopping is the most frequent activity people do. But that should be done with caution. Always buy from the established names and visit the sites that are secured. Sites with https: are secured and safe. However, you should not share your information unless you do not know the way your information will be used. Forget not to check policies on payments, return, shipping and refunds. Keep the copies of codes and receipts.

9.       Card lost? Make an immediate report and also inform about the suspect
This action cannot afford delay. If you inform timely your card can be blocked and a big loss can be prevented. Sometimes you notice later that your card has been stolen and for that, it is necessary to keep an eye on your credit card.

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