How to Convert Your Empty Space Into a Low-Cost Gym at Home

Between expensive gym memberships and fancy home gym equipment, it seems like exercise is becoming a high-end type of activity. Good news, anyone can build a gym at home on a budget as long as they have enough space for it. So, you’re finally cutting off your membership and planning to get a gym of your own at home. But you’re a little doubtful of how much you’re going to invest in your new fitness haven. 

Well, let me replay the usual situation in which you find yourself every time you visit a commercial gym. (This might sound familiar.) You wake up early or come home from work tired and then head on to the gym. You pack all the stuff you need and change in your workout clothes. You drive and hit the traffic for a few minutes (sometimes hours) before you ever reach the gym. And then you spend an hour or two doing your workout session with different sets of cardio and muscular exercises, take a shower a couple of minutes after, get shrivelled by a custom gym towel, and finally, drive home late. 
How to Convert Your Empty Space Into a Low-Cost Gym at Home

Now, let me tell you about what your situation would be like if you freed yourself from gym membership rat race and had a gym at home instead. You wake up in the morning or come home from work. Change in your workout clothes or you can wear whatever you like since no one else is around. You go to your stereo and play some great music and then push yourself hard to serious sets of a workout without thinking about the traffic that you would likely encounter afterwards. And when you’re done, you turn the TV on and sit back on a couch to cool down. For about an hour later, you walk ten steps to your kitchen and find the most anabolic machine ever invented — the refrigerator — make a protein shake, and voila! A sweet gain after hard work and pain!

You’re probably thinking to yourself how cool this idea could be but here’s the most detrimental thing to anyone — “BUT I DON’T HAVE MONEY.”.

Consider these factors when planning to build a low-cost gym at home:

A personal gym does not really have to be fancy. There is plenty of secondhand equipment for sale and available for auction sites like eBay which are half the price of new. Plus, knowing your fitness and body shape goals can help you make smarter choices when purchasing the equipment. 

For example, if you want to improve your endurance, a treadmill must be necessary. But if your focus is only on building muscles, then purchasing a treadmill may not make sense at all. Invest in the necessary equipment only, especially when you are using a small space where large machines might have no room for. 

Some equipment can be installed or improvised on your own. Consider a pull-up bar or sandbags that are made from leftover construction materials, for example. You can also use alternatives such as weights, resistance bands, and an exercise ball, holding to the fact that workout machines can be very pricey.   

Fill your workout space with an ideal atmosphere that will drive and inspire you to work hard. You can add some useful paraphernalia like a spare smart TV for workout and yoga tutorials, a sound system if you want some cool music to keep you moving, padded flooring for a comfortable workout, and a wall mirror to watch yourself.     

You can skip out on workout machines but invest in a set if barbell and plate if possible. This equipment will be the centre of your workout as you can use the set to multiple exercises that will improve your entire core. Kettlebells are another versatile pieces of equipment that are worth spending. Kettlebells can replicate several exercises that you do with dumbbells without really consuming much of your space. 

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