Is Mobile Commerce the Leading Edge of Electronic Commerce?

Before we move to ‘Mobile commerce’, let’s understand what electronic commerce is?

Electronic commerce (e-commerce), many people might hear this term for the first time. It refers to buying or selling physical products through the internet and sometimes an online commercial transaction is also referred to as e-commerce.

It affects a large population because people easily access anything from buying books to clothes with the help of the internet. Everything is now available at your fingertips. But many loopholes make electronic commerce restricted to some users.

After the introduction of mobile commerce, everything gets changed. It removes the drawbacks of electronic commerce. And this is the reason m-commerce is considered as THE NEXT GENERATION of e-commerce. You not only can purchase stuff but you can run your own business too. It is a bit challenging but not impossible.

You may need funds to start a business and there are several options available such as crowdfunding, angel investor or easy lending options like loans with no guarantor and no broker involvementOnce you set up all the necessary things, then you will definitely get success.

Mobile commerce is a blessing to the new generation. Now let’s understand more about it and how it brings a revolutionary change.

What is M-commerce?

Mobile commerce is a child of e-commerce which is more advance. It solves the major problem that is LIMITED REACH. It means, without a proper internet connection and desktop, you will never leverage the benefit of E-commerce but after the introduction of M-commerce, it fulfils the demands.

Nowadays, people use mobile and tablets more than desktop. It facilitates users to do online shopping anywhere and at anytime. Wireless internet devices (WID) are responsible for fast purchasing and delivering services. This is the reason why the user does not prefer to rely on desktop.

Companies like Amazon which just turns an existing website into a wireless device. Turning all things into wireless was just a good game plan which changed everything. Though, you may find the target
Audience of e-commerce and m-commerce is different BUT the ultimate goal is the same i.e. generate profit through the online transaction.

Now let’s see m-commerce is really the frontier of e-commerce? And see some interesting facts about it.

·         Mobile devices are common and this is the reason why people rely on e-commerce

·         One out of three-person who receives alerts visit retail store and rest of them purchase stuff

·         More than 40% of people have downloaded the retail shop application

Why mobile commerce better for users?

It is cleared from the fact that m-commerce is going to advance the version of e-commerce. But what makes this so much better and efficient? Let’s see…

o   Takes very less time

In this, people do not have to waste their time to open a laptop or desktop. They can simply make any purchase with the help of apps. And using these applications is not a big deal, it is user-friendly. Everything from cost to delivery charges already mentioned on your screen.

o   Privacy 

Sometimes people feel uncomfortable to buy something publicly with the help of a desktop or laptop. But with wireless technology, everything becomes personalise. This means you can do anything without worrying about your personal information.

o   Easy to use

Carrying Smart phone and tablets is easy because they are light and cheap. And with that, accessing fast internet is not a big deal. This means you can buy anything even if you are going somewhere. 

o   Affordable price

The products are available at very competitive prices. The cost of the product is far less than the market’s price. You can compare these two products and grab one with the best price. And you do not have visited anywhere. They will send you a message regarding the delivery date.

o   Track your product

In earlier times, people were not aware of the delivery date which messed up the situation. This is all because of poor communication. But nowadays, you can track your product easily which will give you the idea when your stuff reaches at you.

You can finally conclude that mobile commerce is the advance version of electronic commerce. And it fills the entire void which was created by the previous one. In terms of products or services, everything is available at your fingertips.

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