What is stainless steel desiccator cabinet?

Stainless steel desiccator cabinet are devised for bearing maximum load capacity and deliver long term persistence. Stainless steel desiccator is a non-void dry cabinet that can be outfitted with optional inlet and outlet ports that permit gas to evacuate through the storage space.

Phenomenal features of stainless steel desiccator cabinet, which makes it an essential prerequisite for laboratory purpose are mentioned below-

  •  Huge duty system.
  • Single chamber desiccator cabinet
  • Stainless steel door cabinet for giving maximal door backing.
  • Top-notch door seal system.
  • Electroplated exterior for giving cleanroom compatibility

Now one of the important benefits of availing stainless steel desiccator cabinet is that in this desiccator low humidity levels are easily maintained. The chambers of the desiccator can be linked to each other through some perforations between chamber dividers, so that they can be used with one set of inlet and bleeding valve along with a single channel automated expulsion control unit. Each desiccator is equipped with an easy to study, door mounted hygrometer. Double action door lock structure and door stopper give a sealed and moisture proof ambience. Two glass slides and glass door give complete examination of the content.

Additionally, in stainless steel desiccator, system of PCU or purge controller unit render automatic low humidity control, which is capable of precisely measuring and showing humidity. This stainless steel cabinet provides dust and moisture free storage. In fact, stainless steel desiccators are exclusively designed for supporting low humidity storage environment. Such cabinets are perfect for storing not only IR cells, soil samples, moisture sensitive reagents but also for drying biological specimens.
Also stainless steel desiccator cabinet is furnished with two stainless steel shelves and a desiccator plate. These shelves are alterable in half inch increments. It’s long lasting stainless steel structure with full length stringent door hinge and one piece neoprene door gasket guarantee excellent seal integrity. Additionally, advance system of automatic desiccant conversion is also available.

Advantages of smart stainless steel desiccator cabinet-

  •  Stainless steel door frame-Stainless steel reinforced door frame equipped with non-sticky stopper assures a long lasting service.
  • Humidity and temperature data logger-
    This technology gives accurate report of storage conditions inside a desiccator chamber. An USB port is present for smooth downloading of data in different formats.
  • Stainless steel plates and shelves-
    Flexible, non-contaminating shelves and plates, slide on stainless steel racks, allowing effortless access of multiple parts.
  • Nitrogen generator-
    Nitrogen generator ensures uninterrupted and consistent supply of clean and dry nitrogen, in order to operate desiccator efficiently.
  • Comfy lift lock system-
    This quality of desiccator inhibits hinge and door damage caused by the twisting and turning and applies even pressure to the non-sticky door stopper available with advanced locking mechanism.
  • Dual expulsion and nitro watch-
    System of dual expulsion and nitro watch retains a low-RH set point inside a desiccator, thereby ensuring constant positive pressure. Additionally, they assist in wiping out nitrogen waste.

Automatic stainless steel desiccator cabinet stamps out the need of manually changing desiccant periodically. Durable stainless steel cabinet will not bend, delivering years of trustworthy service. 

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