5 Ways to Select the Right Exhibition Stands

For meeting prospective customers, establishing relationships, and generating leads, trade shows are the perfect environment. You need to have a trade show exhibitor flexible modularexhibition stands that makes a great first impression, in order to meet your target audience.
It can be difficult in choosing a design and configuration that suits your needs - both now and in the future.
You may be tempted to let price dictate your selection. For choosing a design of the modular exhibition stand system that stands the test of time and delivers a positive return on your investment as price alone is a poor guide.
Displays that offer little to no long-term value is how the market now are occupied with.
We'll address 5 crucial factors of buying a trade show exhibit below to help you make the right choice.

To select a display that delivers the maximum dollar-for-dollar impact they will help you a lot.

1 - Type Of Displays Available
Trade show displays come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and configurations. It's important to understand the positives and negatives that are associated with each of them.
They're also ideal for small spaces - e.g. 10' x 10' - and easy for one person to set up and dismantle. However, they lack flexibility.
Allowing you to make adjustments based on the size and shape of your rental space, modular exhibition stands are more flexible. With an increase in cost is how the added flexibility is given.
If you need a display that presents a unique appearance, Truss systems are ideal. An assortment of components that can be configured to give your exhibit a dramatic flair is how they come in.
For you, you can also have a customized trade show exhibit designed. Note that such systems can be more of an investment. To ensure the design meets your expectations, plan to work closely with the display designer.

2 - How Long Will Your Booth Last?
Your stand should be built of sturdy materials that can sustain constant shipping as well as re-installation and dismantling. Durability ensures multiple uses as you'll want a display that won't fall apart if you're planning to attend numerous events during the next few years.

3 - Amortized Cost (Per Event)
The price of a trade show display is a poor gauge of its long-term value is what we suggested earlier. Its true value is based, in part, on the number of times you're able to put it to use.
Consider a booth falls apart after 10 shows that cost $10,000. It would be $1,000 for the amortized cost per event associated.
With a higher-end exhibit that costs $20,000 and lasts for 30 shows contrasts it. Much less than the first option, its average cost per event would be $667.
To look beyond the price, it is important again. With regard to value, it doesn't tell the entire story.

4 - Will You Need To Make Changes?
Like a bar of soap, your trade show exhibit is not a commodity item. Your exhibiting needs are likely to change with time. It's important to think about whether your display will be able to adapt to those changes.
For example, as time passes you may need to create bolder graphics; you might want to change your messaging, or you may experience so much success as an exhibitor that you'll want to rent a larger space at subsequent events.
Will the display you're considering accommodate these and other changes? Should you purchase one that adapts to changes in the direction down the road but will grow with your company?

5 – Should you choose to rent an exhibit?
It may not be possible to purchase a state-of-the-art modular inline system if you're working with a limited budget. You'll also have to explore other options.
Rely on pop-up displays, modular exhibition systems, and other low-cost solutions is one of the option here. Rent a higher-end exhibit is the other option.
Renting can be an ideal solution depending on your circumstances. While avoiding the large upfront investment required when buying new, it allows you to enjoy a number of advantages.
For example, It will always be in good condition when it comes to your rental display. You'll also have an opportunity to test various sizes and configurations to figure out which ones are the most effective for your needs.

Your rental display will include modern components that reflect today's design trends in addition to all.
For buying a brand new trade shows exhibit, there are several more benefits that are associated. Renting one is a viable solution if your budget is limited.
Buying a display can seem overwhelming with so many options that are available these days.

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