How Loans Can Set Aside A County Court Judgement?

Before we directly jump into the topic that how you can aside a CCJ (County Court Judgement), let’s understand what is CCJ in nutshell. 

What is CCJ?
When you fail to pay the money you owe from the creditors, then they will file a case against you. They will pass the judgement to get their money back. The court will provide you several options through which you have to choose any of them. We have mentioned those ways below. 

  • You can pay all the money at once: It would be great if you pay the money at once. You can ask them to provide you at least one month. Though, arranging money in this short period is difficult. You can rely on CCJ loans from direct lenders in the UK. We have discussed further how this loan can help you to get rid of a County Court Judgement.

  • Ask to pay in Instalments: You can pay the total money for a certain period. 

  • Disagreement with creditors: If you think that lender registered a false case against you, then you can dispute with the decision because it could happen that:

  • The form sends on the wrong residence 

  • There may be some issue with the post department 

  • The creditor may ignored (unintentionally) your reply which may lead him to file CCJ

In this way, you can get rid of bogus cases. But what will happen when your CCJ is correct? And how will you manage the situation fast? You do not have to worry about it because we have discussed that CCJ loans can help without drag you into more hassle. 

Let’s have a look at how it will help you…

You can apply even with bad credit history

You already show that you are not a liable borrower because you fail to repay the amount you borrow from the creditors. And it will also affect your credit score. For instant help, loan is an ideal choice but wait!

If you approach traditional lenders, then you might get a rejection because of your less-than-perfect-credit score. But you do not have to give up. You can approach online lenders in the UK for loan approval. Though, your credit history is bad and it is risky but direct loan providers like InstantBadCreditLoans will approve your application. 

Here, you have to show that you will repay the amount on schedule time. You can either provide: 

Security: If you own a car or any vehicle or you can use home too to get quick approval at a very less interest rate. 

Guarantor: If you have someone with a good credit score, then you can approach them to take your guarantee. 

If you fail to manage any of them, then you can show your monthly pay-check to get instant approval. It depends on you that which one is suitable by considering the scenario.

Leverage the CCJ loan from direct lenders

In this tough situation, loan is the only way to clear your previous debts. And we have seen that traditional lenders won’t feel safe to provide loans to a person with poor credit history. But direct lenders are giving you a chance to stabilise the situation. 

You can improve your credit score and this will make your path of getting a loan easy in the future. But make sure you utilise the full amount to clear off your CCJ debts. If you try to exhaust them in some other part, then you might face some bad consequences. 

You can sense that CCJ is the best choice not only to set aside a County Court Judgement but you can improve your credit score too. But before you pay the amount, you should analyse a few things that we have already discussed in this blog. 

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