Twitter has announced many great features recently; one of them is the "Tagging" feature. Now you can tag other people in your tweets even if they do not follow you. It adds more reach to your tweets.  Twitter has also given the options of tagging people in your photo.

This is the easiest way to get more engagement and followers on your page. If you tag a person, not only it will be visible to your followers but also the followers of the tagged person could also view your tweet. This way you can spread your voice everywhere. You could also become reachable to not only followers but other brands too.

With every tweet there is an arrow pointing left, you need to click reply and then Twitter will start your tweet with "@", then the other username of a person.
By doing this you can start a conversation, also, Twitter will keep that conversation of yours in order so anyone could be able to follow the thread of the discussion. Click here to know more about twitter accounts.


Once you have started a conversation only you, the person you tagged and your followers of both of you.
The dot before "@" is commonly used on Twitter. If you are wondering why then let me answer you.
The dot you add before tagging someone enables your tweet to be visible to everyone not just your follower. For example, if you tag a brand and you want everyone to read your tweet not just your follower then you should type as.’@xyz'
Now everyone on Twitter can see your conversation with the brand. This is a great thing for those who want to spread their message which is of broader interest to the Twitter audience.
But you should not use it in every tweet. You can use a normal "@" if you are just asking someone a question or starting a conversation.


The answer to it is, YES. You can also tag your favorite person in photos, though there is a limit of 10 people in each photo; which means you cannot tag more than 10 accounts in your photo.
So whenever you want to tag someone, you just need to upload a photo and then a box underneath the photo will show up. It says "Who is in the Photo"? Now just click on this button. And a new screen will open with suggestions of people you can tag as well as a search bar for you. You can select one person or more than one, it is totally up to you. Once you are doing selecting people, click on the option "Done". Twitter will get back you to the tweet and the names you tagged will be shown to you beneath the photo.
After sharing your photo, the names of tagged accounts will be shown up at the photo. Twitter will also give you options to delete or even edit the list.
There are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind before you tag other accounts like:

  • The accounts you tagged can delete or amend in a photo. Twitter gives the option to untag them from an undesired tweet.
  • The photo will only appear in the original Twitter stream. It will not appear in the tagged users' streams unless they re-tweet your original tweet.
  • If you have set your account to private then you can only tag people who follow you. The best thing is the people you have already blocked cannot tag you in their tweet.
  • The thing about "public" account is that anyone on Twitter can tag you in their post even if they do not follow you. Likewise, you can also tag other people if they have set their accounts to “Private”, even if you do not follow them.
  • If you want to change any of the above-mentioned settings then go to >Twitter settings, now scroll down, you can find the "Who can tag me in photo" option. Once you click on the options it will open a screen with 3 options. You can change settings from public to private and vice versa.

Twitter is no doubt a useful platform for everyone and the tagging option has added more value to it. This feature has a lot of benefits when correctly use, also it is helpful for people who want to advertise their brand or even spread their messages. You can use this feature to let your thoughts be known to others. So now you have understood the entire topic, I think it is more than enough to get you going on the platform of Twitter. Free Guest Blog

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