Importance of keywords Research and Analysis in SEO

Keyword Research and Analysis is a significant part of SEO. Relevant keywords place your site on the top of search engine results and unsuitable keywords create the gap between the searcher and your website. Keyword research and analysis helps you develop a better website with suitable keywords and phrases. Web pages have to compete with billions of web pages to get the top ranking that’s why to optimize your content by the relevant keywords. If you don’t use the suitable keyword, your site cannot be on the top of search engine results.

Find Relevant Keywords:
First of all, you need to understand the target audience and your services. If you have proper knowledge about your product or services then you can analyze suitable keywords. If your keyword is relevant to your content and user get the right and proper information by this keyword then your website traffic is increased day by day.

For testing keyword by tools and techniques:
Buy sample campaign at Bing AdCenter, Google AdWords and etc. In such a way that you can test traffic on your webpages and analysis how much clicks and how much time visitors spend on your website after that, you will be able to understand either keep continue or change this keyword.

Analyze competitor’s websites:
         Visit your competitor’s websites and analyze their websites in such a way that you can get more ideas and can more improve your web marketing ways because websites are a significant part of the SEO.
         There are so many tools which are helpful to compare your and your competitor websites and these tools provide relevant outcomes which are helpful to analyze your website reputation and it is easy to use just enter your website URL, and they will provide result how much your keyword will rank against your competitor.
         Examine the backlinks of your competitor websites. If your competitor backlinks from some reputed websites then contact their webmaster to gain backlinks from them.
         Twitter and Facebook both are the most reputed websites where you can analyze your competitor's presence. Visit their social media pages and see how much popularity as well as the quality of their posts.

Choose keywords:             
Keywords are just a couple of words that are used by users to get their required information. Right keywords generate profitable visitors on your websites.

Available tools for keyword research:
Right keywords allow your website top rank in search results. There are various tools available on the internet for your keyword analysis.

    Google keyword planner is an open-source tool that is integrated with Google AdWords. Before using you have to create an AdWords account after that it will provide you an idea about the competition and volume of your keyword and they also provide more relevant keywords.
         Google trends is also open-source tool. It provides trending results as per the latest marketing trends.
         Semrush tool is an online tool that is designed to find out the best keywords. In this tool just add your site URL or your competitor site URL and the tool will give you all the keywords that are ranking in search engine. You can use these keywords to increase your ranking.
         Word tracker is also a tool that finds your best keywords as per your searching keywords and also show traffic on your site. It is used in small businesses and organizations.

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