7 Top Things to Do in Beijing to Make Your Trip to China Memorable!

Among the topmost tourist cities in the world, Beijing has served as the glorious and spectacular capital of China for more than 800 years now. There are so many incredible things to do in Beijing that you will want to revisit long before your trip is even over! The stunning city is home to remarkable remnants of China’s fascinating imperial past, making it a prime spot for history enthusiasts to visit. However, Beijing’s history is not the only thing worth exploring. There are plenty of modern attractions as well as unusual things to do in Beijing as well. Be assured that Beijing’s attractions will keep you occupied throughout your trip and there will never be a dull moment! Keep reading to know more about this spellbinding city in China.

Best Things to do in Beijing:

Beijing is a great place to visit for families, couples, solo travelers, and friends alike. There are plenty of cheap things to do in Beijing for budget travelers. If you don’t want to seem like a tourist, there are scores of non-touristy things to do in Beijing as well. There is something for everyone here! Even if you’re making a quick work trip to Beijing on last minute flights, enjoy some of the below-listed best things to do in this remarkable city.

1. Explore the gorgeous Forbidden City

The best-preserved and most fantastic imperial palace in China, Forbidden City is a must-visit whether or not you’re a history enthusiast. Since the place is too vast to explore on your own, it is advisable to hire a guide. Let your guide lead you through important spots of the Forbidden City, one of the world’s largest palatial structures. Study what life, worship, culture, and other important aspects were like during imperial times in China.

2. Climb the Great Wall of China

Built in different dynasties, the intimidating Great Wall of China extends over a whopping 13,000 miles! A remarkable world treasure, this historical marvel deserves a spot on the sightseeing list of all travelers to China. There are various sections of the wall in Beijing you can explore. For instance, you can either take the easy Mutianyuwalk or pick a tour to Simatai and enjoy awesome night views of the Great Wall (among the best things to do in Beijing at night!).

3. Stroll across Tiananmen Square

An iconic landmark, Tiananmen Square is among the most popular Beijing attractions to explore. Easily able to accommodate about a million people, this significant region has played a key role in China’s past. It has served as the venue for celebrations as well as protests. Marveling at its architecture and learning about its vital role in history is among the top things to do in Beijing. It will help you understand the city on a deeper level.

4. Visit the Summer Palace

If you love imperial gardens, visiting the Summer Palace is among the best things to do in Beijing for you. Among the biggest and most beautiful of its kind still in existence in this spectacular country, the Summer Palace represents traditional Chinese gardens like none other. One of the ideal ways to see this centuries-old garden is to take a boat ride on the famous Kunming Lake. Enjoy breathtaking sights of the charismatic artificial landscape creates centuries ago.

5. Stop by the Temple of Heaven

Are you booking businessclass flights to Beijing, China especially to visit historical sites? Then this is among the top things to do in Beijing for you! The remarkable Temple of Heaven is where the erstwhile Qing and Ming dynasty emperors worshipped heaven. Its stunning architecture and landscape will leave you spellbound. Visit in the morning and you will find locals immersed in Tai Chi, singing, playing chess, dancing, and more.

6. Try the Beijing Roast Duck

This is among the top things to do in Beijing at night, morning, or noon! If you’re a foodie, this becomes all the more fun. Besides the Great Wall of China, eating the iconic Beijing Roast Duck is arguably the most popular thing to do in the city! Dadongand Quanjude are two of the most famous roast-duck restaurant chains in the city and you can visit any of their branches for a plateful of this delicious dish.

7. Shop at Antique Markets

Your trip to the city on cheapflights to Beijing is incomplete if you haven’t shopped for souvenirs. While there are many places to shop in Beijing, exploring the antique markets of the city is among the top things to do in Beijing. You can visit the popular Panjiayuan Antique Market and buy local specialties at super-cheap rates. Some of the top things to buy in Beijing include jade items, freshwater pearls, ivory carvings, lacquer-work items, and cloisonné enamelware among other things.

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