7 Ways to Style Your Home in Victorian Style

Victorian Style should be your choice of décor, if plush, warm and comfortable interiors are your idea of a perfect home. You can try out some mesmerizing colors and all with the Victorian styled interiors and also choose furniture to give you some apt look.
Along with the introduction of Victorian lighting installed with the help of electrician Central Coast NSW,given here are some simple interior design ideas which can infuse Victorian flavor into your home.

1. Antiques
For your Victorian home interior, antiques can be the basic theme. You can now shop for some antiques that would be catching the eyes of the onlookers as you buy statuettes, figurines, candleholders and others. Check if your grandparents left some old pieces that you can use and skim through your storeroom.
Along with putting up some antique pieces of lights even with the help of emergency Central Coastelectrician,anything that has an antique appeal works well with this decoration theme. To break off from the monotony of the interiors dominated with that of the wood and fabrics can be done with the use of metal figures.

2. Lighting
To dominate Victorian lighting, you can use chandeliers made of heavy glass; metal and crystal. With the help of level 2 electricians of Central Coast since the rich colors look best in this light, ambient lighting should be used and installed.
The accessories that you choose are an important facet of your décor as well. Old photographs, antique clocks, and more are a beautiful way to enhance your Victorian decorating style or to just start your Victorian style. Vintage fabrics and vases are other great accessories that you will want to consider.

3. Fabrics
You can now change the drapes and make use of the floral patterns. Since they blend in perfectly with the opulent theme of these interiors, the fabrics used in Victorian design are silk and velvet. With the background shade, prints on fabrics can be of both types - self-colored or contrasting. For room partitions, Fabrics are used extensively.
Traditional natural shades of tertiary and primary tones, is what the colors used in Victorian home interior were.

4. Walls
Floral wallpapers are the best accessory you can choose from. You can make a great combination of the floral prints with the use of checks as well as stripes. With lots of oil paintings, portraits and heavily framed pictures and needlework, walls of the Victorian era were very ornamental. For these interiors, stained glass windows are also typical.
The wall coverings are a major facet in Victorian and Indian Victorian décor. The color of your room is very important to give your wall accessories a beautiful enhancement. Colors like reds and other dark colors are a wonderful choice, depending upon your particular style.
A vintage wallpaper or border would be an excellent way to change your room as well. If you do not want to be too fancy, then you can choose a more neutral shade and let the other pieces of décor give color to the room.

5. Flooring
Flooring is usually sold wood. When it comes to the floorings they are typically made of that of solid wood. You can however reduce the costs with the use of engineered wood as well as laminated wood. These are easier to maintain as well. For the typical Victorian feel, use thick and soft carpets generously.
Floors take up a large area of the room, so that is why you want to consider how you are going to decorate the floors. Whether you choose new flooring all over or just a Victorian styled area rug, you can help to reinforce the Victorian style with your flooring choice.

6. Furniture
The furniture that you choose should mesh well with the Victorian style, but they do not have to be antiques. Reproductions are a much less expensive choice and they can be quite durable and comfortable. Choose curio cabinets and side tables that are constructed of wood with a rich patina to keep the Victorian feel and style in your room.
When you speak of a Victorian home, they are much more characterized to that of the use of antiques, furniture as well as the accessories. Like the contemporary décor, they are not airy and spacious. You need to take proper care about the placement of the furniture so that they do not eat up a lot of space. This style is not very suitable, for small homes.

7. Window dressing
Window dressings are important in any style of room, but most especially in the Victorian or Indian Victorian decorating style. Layered drapes are very common in Victorian decorating, complete with sheers, velvet curtains, as well as window lightings installed with the help of 24-hour electrician Central Coast. Be sure that you match your fabrics to your design style and color choices to make the most of your windows.

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