8 Most popular International Thanks giving Destinations

There are times when you want to escape from daily life –do nothing – eat, sleep, sightsee, shop, have fun, and repeat. Well, this Thanksgiving, instead of putting together a huge menu for the feast, why not plan an escapade? No worries about cooking a huge dinner, attending the guests, and cleaning up the post-party mess.

Here is a list of 8 popular international destinations that are buzzing with Thanksgiving festivities. You will love being here. With Fare Buzz Thanksgiving discount code, book flights at the cheapest rate and enjoy the holiday season like never before.

1. Paris
November is the best time to be in Paris, if you wish to avoid the tourist crowd. However, if you are looking for a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, this isn’t the place to be. Still, if you want a great escapade with lots of amazing sightseeing and savory French cuisine, this is the place to be.

2. Rome
Rome promises to thrill you during Thanksgiving. The weather at this time is pleasant too. So, you can enjoy sightseeing. Also, the crowd is less at this time.

3. London
Thanksgiving is a great time to be in London due to a lesser rush of tourists at this time. Summer and Christmas are the peak tourist periods here. So, in November, you can enjoy the city as much as you can. Moreover, you can expect to get the best prices in flights, hotels, and dining, thanks to the off-tourist season. The place can be a bit rainy at this time though. But this can add to your fun.

4. Cancun (Mexico)
The Mayan Riviera and other destinations are hotspots for spending a lovely holiday. Cancun is rated as the hottest place to be during Thanksgiving. The place ranks high in dining and resorts. For world-class scuba diving and snorkeling, visit Cozumel in Mexico. And if you want the cosmopolitan feel, visit Tulum in Mexico. Or you could do all the three; flight rates are cheap.

5. Istanbul
This Thanksgiving, pamper yourselves with the 5-star treatment at Istanbul. Turkish baths are quite inexpensive here. You ought to have one for complete rejuvenation. Don’t miss the Topkapi Palace and the Hagia Sophia. Visit Suleymaniye and Blue Mosques. Istanbul is cheaper than Dubai, yet gives you similar aura of sophistication and luxury.

6. Bangkok
Bangkok is a great holiday destination for those on a budget. You can enjoy without spending much here. Do sunbathing in the finest beach of Phuket. Go elephant trekking in the magnificent Chiang Mai. Bangkok’s Buddhist temples and the Grand Palace will make your holiday a memorable one this Thanksgiving.

7. Miami
Thanksgiving is one of the best times to visit Miami. You can relish traditional Thanksgiving dinner, featuring Thanksgiving buffet that includes mushroom truffle, giblet gravy, imported cheeses, rotisserie, sage gnocchi, corn beard, and desserts like crème brulee, spiced carrot cake, and more. Savor slow-roasted turkey at one of the renowned restaurants here. For those who want to spend quality time at the beach can gorge on a special turkey burger that is flavored with truffled turkey gravy and cranberry mostarda –a thing to indulge!

8. Hawaii
Care for a Pan-Asian Thanksgiving buffet? Then visit Hawaii. Here is where the action of Thanksgiving happens. Besides, the island itself charms to the core. The day after Thanksgiving, you can enjoy the Moonlight Market, featuring acclaimed artisans and artists of Hawaii. You can find shell jewelry designers, lauhala weavers, coconut weavers, and more. Don’t miss the Asian Night Market Buffet, which features dim sun, crab claws, and other delicacies. There is a lot of Thanksgiving food here – Thanksgiving brunch, Thanksgiving buffet, Thanksgiving dinner, and more!

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