Haven of Ease and Hush: 3 Must-Visit Nature Parks in Newcastle!

Traveling to Newcastle in the United Kingdom is one great opportunity to see greatness from another side of the globe. The time to stroll around the city is in your hands (or your feet!) You should not miss any good chance to experience the best parts of Newcastle. It’s not always that you can go and stay in an awesome land such as its!
Tons of exciting activities await you in Newcastle. You won’t get enough of them, and you will need a bit of a lengthy time for you to finish enjoying everything. That’s why when you are there, see to it that you make use of your time productively. 
Consider this travel as a pleasant moment for healing and unwinding! One of the perfect ways to help make that happen is by visiting nature parks in Newcastle! Though you’ve seen nature in your own place, this area of the world has something new to offer! 

From the list below, check out 3 of the nature parks located in Newcastle! Take note of some travel tips regarding them as well.
Jesmond Dene Park Waterfall
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Some tourists say that it’s a park that will confuse you in directions if it’s your first time. Well, if you’ll get lost in this place of calmness and peace, you wouldn’t have it any other way.
Jesmond Dene Park should be in your list of nature parks to stop by. This is an ideal place wherein you should bring the whole family, your entire travel squad. Currently situated in Jesmond Dene Road, this park was offered to the public in 1866 by Lord Armstrong. Since then, it has continued to be one in the list of must-visit nature sites in Newcastle.
It’s like a gem in the middle of a busy and crowded city. If you need a short break from all the tiring walks in malls, amusement parks and museums, you should drop by Jesmond Dene Park to spend some easing off and refreshing. 
The park’s space is really vast, playful kids will love it! It’s the reason why it’s a really nice place to look in on if you’re traveling with a group. Even adults can play off their energy and strength with some team games! Families, both locals and tourists, come to Jesmond Dene Park for picnic and BBQ date outs! You just have to make sure that you’re not dirtying the place. Clean as you go. Be responsible regardless if it’s your homeland or not.
Armstrong Bridge in Jesmond Dene Park
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There are pathways and bridges all throughout the park, and you will be both amazed and discombobulated, but it’s not a problem at all, since there are signages to guide and help. The place is generally safe, and the footpaths are clear, so you have nothing to worry if you know you are also careful.
Aside from the fact that kids will surely love to run and play in this park, your pets can also have a sweet time! A small zoo is within Jesmond Dene Park, which makes it even more interesting and ravishing. Witness this shelter of some exquisite animals such as birds, ducks, rabbits and goats and other farm animals. You get to interact with adorable living creatures, and you can bring your pets to the Pets Corner as well. You’ll totally be amused to see farm animals in there too! In the middle of a city? Yes! People from all ages would love it!
While you are in Newcastle, spend a lovely walk in Jesmond Dene Park as you get mesmerized by the stunning nature views. You can have your unexpected yet best wildlife experience in one invigorating place. There’s a stream, a river, a waterfall. You can merely stare, and you will feel how it’s bracing. 
Jesmond Dene Park in Winter
Source - TripAdvisor - StuNorman
The natural sights in Jesmond Dene Park make it a secure and beautiful place to spend untroubled walks. If you get hungry and thirsty, a coffee shop is also available. Both light meals and heavy meals are provided.
The park’s greenness combined with the tranquil waters, which are rejuvenating even by simply looking at them, contributes highly to the place’s relaxing and serene ambiance and environment. It’s agreeable how you don’t need to go too far if you’re staying in a nearby hotel in Newcastle. Jesmond Dene Park is accessible by bus, but there is also a wide parking lot. If you want to go there by bicycle, you also can do so comfortably. 


Source - Flickr_Saleem Shahid
Talking about age, Leazes Park isn’t going to be last since it’s the first one in Newcastle! Opened in 1873, Leazes Park is the city's longest-running park. Right now, it is located in Dental Hospital Richardson Road, and it’s loved for it is conveniently accessible to the public.
Who said you cannot go to Newcastle and just feed cute animals? Whoever they are, they’re wrong! Leazes Park is a guarded and quiet harbor for animal buddies too! The main stars in the still lake are ducks and swans. What’s more, you can kindly feed them proper food provided and allowed by the park. Have fun interacting with them. Take photos if possible and if it’s not disturbing to the animals. 
Since Leazes Park is undeniably old, it needs restoration. Given the numerous innovations and advancements today in terms of the entire construction industry, the park had to be refurbished to most likely fit today’s environmental conditions. That is why its makeover took serious research before the actual revamps and improvements. 
Gateways and railings which have helped in the park’s accessibility and passages are added. Tree planting is also a feature everybody enjoys as it helps the community’s health. There also is a rehabilitation of the lake and the memorial garden. Several kinds of flowers and flower beds are in the park’s little garden. Your eyes will be filled with colorful and fragrant glee!
Leazes Park’s tennis court
Source - TripAdvisor
If you want to sweat it out even more and be physically active, there are playgrounds, tennis courts and basketball courts. That’s just a golden opportunity to be healthy and productive with your whole travel team!
Tourists who come to Leazes Park are so thankful for its no-hassle location. If you are lodging in a nearby accommodation in Newcastle, it’s a good pick! It faces the A&E Hospital and sits beside the St. James Park Football Ground. Hospital visitors can stop by this park to breathe in fresh air. Football audience can come by before or after the game.
If you don’t live in Newcastle or when it’s your first time going to this park, get ready to fall in love with a park that brings nature really close to you!


Hagg Bank Bridge in Tyne Riverside Country Park
Source - TripAdvisor - StuNorman
You don’t always have to do something grand in a nature park; that’s what Tyne Riverside Country Park shows. A simple sit on the grass plus scenery viewing are enough for a de-stressing time alone or with the people dear to you! 
Located in Low Prudhoe, Tyne Riverside Country Park is a haven of hush where you can clear your mind and think of just the happy things in life. You can let your worries be blown away by the fresh wind’s passing by! 
Although you can just stay and rest there, some intoxicating activities can be engaged in within this park. You can walk your dog. You can go around on your bicycle. You can ride a boat. You can have a picnic by the river with your loved ones.
Grassland, Tyne Riverside Country Park
Source - Geograph
Furthermore, in different paths inside the park, you can do other activities. Fishing is one of the most famous. The men will love it, and the ladies will discover a new interest! Kids will be glad and astonished to see caught fish wiggling the rods. Horse riding is also available, a really nice tourist activity! 
When you go canoeing, make sure you wear all the safety gears and life vest! Nature watching is never boring, and you can do it with love in Tyne Riverside Country Park
Also, take time to explore Newcastle’s precious history as you go around the park. There are signages for you to understand and for you not to get lost. 
Kids will be delighted and astounded by nature’s inexplicable beauty. Without the gadgets, they will be alright and so will you! There’s a cafe where you can get some refreshments and snacks. If you’re coming with a private car, no problem; parking is free. Toilets are installed too!
The Hagg Bank Bridge (Wylam Railway Bridge) in this park is a favorite photo spot of many for its comely structure! It was built in 1876 and was reinstated in 1997. Get ready to snap a pose wherever in the park!
There’s a lot more to discover and experience in Tyne Riverside Country Park, so don’t hesitate checking it out before leaving Newcastle!


Haven of Ease and Hush

Nature parks offer a beautiful kind of break. Even though it can be considered as a “strolling” in the city, it’s not like walking for hours and shopping in malls. It’s different from riding those extreme rides in famous amusement parks. It’s like a leisure time from your leisure time! Get that? It’s mostly less costly than the others, and you get some kind of healing too. 
Newcastle is just one of the many places in the United Kingdom with must-visit nature parks! Hopefully, when you get there, you will not forget to pop in a visit to any or all of them. Have an uplifting time in Newcastle!

Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for PREMIER SUITES Newcastle, an exemplary traditional hotel alternative offering bright and spacious serviced apartments for locals and travelers. She graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.

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