How to find the right security company for your business?

If you are putting down your company roots or looking to change security services, you need to know a few things before you get yourself stuck in a fraud or a fraud. Make no mistake, some are legitimate on paper and legally secure but their Security Guards are the worst, while the others are fake on paper and can be a huge liability on your company as they are not legally an entity that needs to take responsibility and they can easily flee.

This is why you need to understand how to spot a legitimate good security company or facility management before you hire them on a contract. These are the measures you should follow to keep your company office or building secure from any issues.

A security company needs to be registered in the government database as a legitimate company, make sure to check their registration number. If they don’t have it displayed, you can inquire about it though he customer service, it is good to know if the company is registered in UK or outside as well because it can cause serious issues otherwise.
The company needs to follow security guidelines, if you meet a company that promises weapons, such as batons or other of the kind, just know that these are illegal and the private security companies are not allowed to carry them on person.
The guards need to be trained and should have considerable strength in case push comes to shove. UK does not allow the security to have weapons as a measure against terrorization, this is why it is important to have security guards that are good at hand to hand. Although, only hire the specialist if you need to, otherwise a simple watch is fine.
Experience is normally displayed by companies or you can ask about it. Unless they are legally obliged, they can provide you with references and you should check those to see if the company is reliable.

     System Placement
Do the security guards provided by this company have a system in place or are they clueless, it is important for security personal to have a system in place in case of an emergency. Choose a company that has provided its workers with simple drills in cases that they might encounter danger.
The Company should have a contract that can be signed, many companies have ready to go contracts, others work through one with you. However, the first one of those can be a trap, ready to go contracts can have loopholes and you need to be sure that they have no unfair advantage in case of a liability. Get the contract checked from your lawyers and read it yourself before you sign anything. Make sure you have the security guards sorted and according to Red Dragon Group, it is best to have the contracts made according to situation.

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