Top 5 styles for Interior Decorating in 2020!

Interior decorating has become widely popular in NorthWest London, the ideal housing is on top of everyone’s priorities and they want something that looks not only good but stands out for the design or the personality. Interior decorating in west London is a rising trade and everyone wants to have a professionally decorated house.

The best design Ideas this time are more minimalistic and more nostalgic or vogue, maybe a mixture of the two. The vintage styles and textures are coming back in fashion with the use of modern furniture and a mixture of old touch, everyone is making their homes feel more customized according to demand.
Here are the Top Five Styles in interior décor according to Northwest London Builders Ltd.

1          Minimalistic
With the raging concerns about environment and pollution, people are trying to adopt the styles that conserve energy the most with the touch of no-waste policy. This style uses the minimalistic amount of products and creates an atmosphere that works for the home owner. The usage of necessity items is not limited to bare necessity, you can include some décor which is useful, like plants and artwork, however try not to over-do it.
Urban style is the Modern Family styled design, it can work for Bachelor pads as well but it does give a very full vibe. It uses bold yet winter colours to compliment the lighter shades used for the paint on simpler walls. The base colours are normally White, off white, Grey, etc. with the accent of any colour you wish. The Urban design is adaptable to the style of the home owner; it is more contemporary than the other styles on the list.
Scandinavian design is a highly functional and energy conserving design that works off the minimalistic approach but makes it much better. The style does not only focus on minimalism but also energy conservation and aesthetic of the design. The colour used in this is heavily white, the reason behind that is the conservation of light. If you use lighter colours you don’t need much lighting to make the room bright as the white walls reflect light well. The Furniture is placed in a way that it not only looks good but conserves space. This is a highly popular design for interior Decorating in NorthWest London.
Industrial design is based off the Era that started Global warming, the industrial age. This design heavily features exposed brick, steel or Iron, clean edges and clear surfaces as well as a wide use of glass to make the home look modern and pleasant.

      Mid-century modern

The Mid-Century modern design is the definition of Vintage fusion, this design recreates the furniture and colour placement of Mid-century Interior Décor in Northwest London. It is the epitome of using style from a bad time and turning it into something better.

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