Why do Reviews Matter?

Modern Businesses
In the Modern Market, it is important to understand that there are many new business models that need to be followed. Marketing is no longer the same as it used to be, the age of internet is here and so it mass exposure. People can buy things from the other side of the world and they can order a dress made in china from UK or get a Leather jacket from Russia in Ireland. Even local shops have a way to becoming internationally famous, local cuisines and clothing stores become widely known that people go there when they visit the city on vacation or a tour.

E-Commerce, otherwise known as the online market is the new place to be. Even if you are not selling products online and only provide services, it is important that you have an online presence or your clients will be limited and taken away. Local services usually have websites to provide online booking or contact information, otherwise they face a lot of loss as their customers get taken away.
The biggest part of marketing online for a business is not the advertisements, adverts are not trustworthy, they are paid and people don’t take the words for any value. This is why the online market is dominated by reviews and ratings.

What are reviews?
Reviews and ratings are a way for the client to provide public feedback about a company and rate them out of 5 stars, the reviews can be good or bad. Most people use sites like Google reviews or Review PLC for this feedback. These websites provide a listing of the business on their page and there is business information on the page, under it is a section for reviews and ratings, here people with previous experience can provide their own feedback and also tell you if the business if worth visiting.

Statistical Reports
As the Internet age has grown and prospered, the use of reviews for judgement of a business has become law for many people. Having reviews provides comforts in the fact that the product or service has been used before and reviews by a good source.

In recent studies, customers that say that they don’t consider buying from websites without reviews, in the large dataset 93% customers don’t take action for businesses without any reviews. This number in the previous year was around 87%, in one year the clients have leaped and learned to use trusted reviews to find a business that work for the services that are being provided.

A baffling 70% clients actually need to go through and read at least four good reviews before they come to the conclusion that a business can be trusted.  It was also studied that a product with five reviews against a product with no reviews makes 270% more sales and the more reviews, the more a product has the monopoly over the listings.

Benefits of Reviews
Client reviews can provide many things for a growing business, these reviews allow companies to get a larger client-base using an already existing one. A review is what provides the clients a security net before they take a leap into the sale of a product. If it has been reviewed, it has been used and that means that it is a good product.

Some of the other things that trusted product and service reviews can provide to a company:

·         Client Trust
·         New Clients
·         New Products
·         Increase in Traffic
·         Loyal Clients
·         Free Marketing
Reviewing Companies

Reviewing has turned into a largescale business, companies run it by providing authentic reviews to the potential clients. Businesses that are listed cannot interject with the review unless it is common hate speech or if it is biased and product placement by other businesses.
Here are some of the popular reviewing websites that are trusted by the clients.
·         Google
Google actually controls 47% of the reviews on the internet. It is primary place for reviews and people trust google reviews more than any other. However, the service reviews are much more popular on Google than the Products and this leaves the products hanging.
·         Review PLC
This website allows the company to post the reviews that are being written on this website, on to the main company page. The catch however is that the reviews cannot be filtered, you will not only see the “Good reviews” Review PLC is the risk that businesses take when they are sure of their products or services.
·         Amazon
Amazon is the largest retailer in the world but that does not stop it from being the biggest product reviewing website. Almost all products are available on amazon and they are all reviewed based on client experience.
·         Yelp
Yelp is a service review that allows you to search a specific area and look for the certain service in that area. The website provides you with a list of those services, say a restaurant for example. If will show you all the restaurants and their reviews and ratings next to them. Sorting them out in a best to worst order.
·         Trust Pilot
Trust pilot is same as Review PLC and bigger but it is lower in the list because the reviews on Trust Pilot are often not as trust worthy. They sometimes only highlight the good reviews and that is why the clients doubt the authenticity.

Fake Reviews

Yes, the internet is just as bad as it is good, this is why many times, companies can have fake reviews on them and often times the algorithm and the IP addresses of the reviewer allows the website to take it off a little while after it is posted. However, there are times where these reviews are not caught.
·         Spam Reviews
Ratings or Reviews by bots, bought by the company or a rival, depending on if the reviews are good or bad. These are the easier to find as they normally just have the simplest things written or nothing written and only rated.
·         Hate comments
It’s 2019 however, people are still living in 1800s and they believe that racism and hatred is a birth right. Hence they can just leave negative comments to bring a company down for its values without actually using it.
·         Paid Reviews
The Paid reviews are a limited amount of reviews you can buy from a company, these are organic and normally provided in packages from actual people who take money to leave a good or bad review.

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