Essential tips to create a Wikipedia page for your band

It is a very tricky job to get your Wikipedia pages approved even if it is not about your band. Getting a page approved about your music project might even be trickier. But the more difficult something is the more rewarding it also prove to become for us. Such is the case with having a Wikipedia page for your band. It is a great way to build a good reputation and increase your credibility in your respective circles. Having a Wikipedia page for your band can also help your band get the exposure you are looking for.

Like I mentioned before, that it can be really tricky to create and get the approval of a Wikipedia page based on a band because of the uncountable number of unknown bands and artists trying to make their way on Wikipedia. Due to this Wikipedia seemed to have become very strict with its policies and guidelines as far as the pages for artists and bands are concerned.
Who decides that your Wikipedia page should be approved or not?

Getting your pages approved on Wikipedia is one of the main concerns for people who want their pages to be visible on this platform. And why wouldn’t they be concerned? After all the reason to create a Wikipedia page is to get it approved and make it the official part of the Wikipedia platform. Most people need to understand that people who are checking your work are not biased at all. In fact these are volunteers who are doing this for the reasons only they can tell. Possibly the only reason they have, according to my opinion, is passion. So, if your work has merit and if your Wikipedia page meets the notability standards, adhere to the posting policies and guidelines and has content that is written in a neutral tone than I see no reason what so ever for your page to get disapproved.

If you are someone who wants to learn how to create a Wikipedia page for a band than I have some very easy to follow tips that, if followed, will definitely be very helpful for you to get your Wikipedia page approved.

Always avoid promotion:As it is very obvious that Wikipedia is not a platform for promotion and advertisement at all. It is a platform that focuses mainly on providing information and knowledge and that was also the main purpose behind the creation of this platform. So keep this in mind when writing anything for a Wikipedia page. If you do as much as give a hint of promotion in your Wikipedia page about anything your page as good as deleted already. Most text used on a Wikipedia page is reference text and you can’t say things like a certain band is the best band in the region instead you might want to put it like a certain band is known to be an important contributing factor in the folk scene of a certain area. This is just an example and you can use this way of mentioning your band as well and also create awareness in about your band’s music in your target audience.

Notability:Wikipedia is very strict about the notability aspect of any article that is being written and published on this platform. If your Wikipedia page or article is not deemed to be notable enough or significant enough to be present on the platform than the chances of your Wikipedia page or article getting disapproved are almost as close to 100 percent. If your band hasn’t already achieved any awards or its music is not very well known than it is highly likely that it is not very well known in the music circles and thus not a significant addition to the collection of information on this platform. All the Wikipedia articles and pages that you see on Wikipedia are all the pages which meet the standards of notability set up by the Wikipedia reviewers.

Do not write about yourself:If you are someone who is thinking of writing an article on Wikipedia about your own band than the likelihood of that article not being approved are very high. In fact it is certainly going to get disapproved. Anyone who is remotely related to your band for example your band manager, your drummer or your vocalist if people like this are going to write about the band than your article will never see the day of getting posted on the official platform.             

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