Is It Really Necessary to Special Attire Wear While Training?

When you start taking a fitness class you sure will see people in specific clothing. You might think is there really a benefit of wearing such clothes and do you have to do it. Sometimes it is necessary and other times it really isn’t. For instance, if it is a martial art class, like BJJ or Muay Thai or Karate, then a GI is a must. While spats and rash guard’s underneath is your choice. In contrast, if you are going for a run, cross-training, or weight lifting session regular T-shirt and joggers will do. Here is a detailed view on should you do cross-training or not.

In the past it didn’t matter if you were wearing a T-shirt and shorts or tank and cargo either you were lifting weights, running on a treadmill, doing speed bag or heavy bag training. But things have changed and the basic purpose of specific clothing for specific training is to keep you more comfortable and focused. This is how performance and results improve.
Butdoes the design matters in sportswear? Design and the latest trending wear are related to fashion and looking good. Conversely, things have not changed in the martial art apparel side likewise. Does clothing matter, if so, then how?

The fabric type matters

Having specific workout clothes is more like motivation. Depending on what you buy, workout clothes’ fabric is made to sustain sweat better than regular clothing. Plus, they might also keep you comfortable even if you are sweating a lot. Fabric does matter because cotton absorbs sweat and gets damp which can cause the body temperature to rise. This sure will make you uncomfortable and even affect the performance.
Active apparel is better at moisture-wicking, keeping you cool, preventing rashes, etc. But to get these and other benefits you have to make sure the clothing is breathable, moisture-wicking, properly fitted, and comfortable to move in. Usually, cotton blended with polypropylene, spandex, polyester blends, polyester, or wool does the trick well enough.
Fitted clothes make sure you don’t get tangled. But don’t wear restricting clothes that affect your range of motion. Just cotton is not a good choice for workouts where you will be sweating. So, they are good for Pilates and yoga, etc. For active apparel, you can do a little trial and error to know what suits you best. While for martial arts there aren’t too many options to confuse you. All you need to do is get the right size and color.
Anything beyond that is not necessary. Spending a fortune on this clothing is not recommended but you can do so by all means.

Clothing that adds Support

Clothing that adds support is definitely worth investing in, like a good sports bra. This will not just keep you comfortable but improve performance by keeping you focused. On the martial art side, spats and rash guards protect you from mat burns and abrasion.
Investing in clothing that helps you be comfortable or adds support is always good. Don’t cheap out on such clothing but don’t fool yourself either. Quality is what you should be after not the price.

Comfort is what matters the most

The goal is to keep you comfortable while training and working out. Training in clothes that are not comfortable not just makes it a lot harder but also puts you at risk of getting injured. While comfortable clothing makes the training easier by keeping you comfortable.


A pocket on your joggers for the phone and another one for accessories is nice but not necessary. If you like you can pay a little more to have these features. Or you can just find a way to get through without these. These are not necessary but good to have.
Martial arts apparel does not have any such features, they are just plain and simple. So, less confusion and choices to make.

Wearing martial art clothes is necessary while training. Conversely, you can workout in a regular T-shirt and shorts. But wearing active apparel can help you be more comfortable and perform better.

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