Must-Know Safety Tips for All Beginner MMA Athletes

Either you have started MMA training to learn self-defense or for any other reason do not forget the safety. It does not imply that MMA is a sport where you should be extra careful or be afraid of your life. All sports, martial arts, and workout gym sessions are as dangerous as MMA.
Just like there are few safety measures and a safety kit you wear while playing football, or soccer. You need some necessary gear for MMA training and follow the safety procedures. Without any delay let us see the details.

Basic Rules

Before getting into practice or class make sure you go through and follow these rules.
First off, get a complete physical checkup. Be honest and open with your doctor about any past injuries. Then talk to your trainer about them. Warm-ups and cool-downs are very important and must be done. Need to stop in-between workouts, don’t stop instantly cool yourself down with a walk, etc.
The mouthguard should be the only thing in your mouth while training. Any food or gym can make you choke or make you bite your own tongue. A healthy diet is very important. Either talk to your trainer or a pediatrician for a proper diet plan. Drink about 20 ounces of water an hour before and about 10 ounces 15 minutes after the training.

Warm-ups and Cool-downs

Proper warm-upmakes sure of good training. It helps you get started right. Pumping blood, raising heartbeat, warming up the body so training won’t put too much stress on muscles, bones, ligaments, and joints. Starting without a warm-up puts you in danger raising the chances of injury.
Cool-downs are similar but meant for after the workout instead of before like warm-ups. Cooling the body down helps the body transition from working out state to rest smoothly. It also helps prevent blood pooling, muscle cramps, and other issues.

Right Posture and Techniques

In MMA you will be training different techniques. Which means many different positions, training, variations, and postures. Training in the right posture and following the right technique protects you from sprainsand other injuries.
Keep your feet anywhere between the hip and shoulder width. The knees should follow your feet direction. Keep the heel raised a little and let the ball of the feet carry the body. The abdomen should hold some tension while the pelvis is directly aligned with the shoulders. This promotes faster movements and better stability. For more on martial arts check out Elite Sports, there you can also get martial art apparel and gear.

Safety Gear

The right gear and attire are important for optimal safety, comfort, and performance. MMA does not have any GI, but it sure does require spats, rash guards, and shorts. On the other hand, for gear, proper MMA gloves, hand wraps, knee and shin pads will do in beginning. But as you advance in your training you will also need ankle support wraps.
Sparring and boxing, bag and grappling, training and fight are the types of MMA gloves. Yes, you would need them all as you go along with your training. Always choose the best quality, not the pricier ones but better quality. More price does not always mean better quality.

Breathing Techniques

Breathing right can increase your performance and breathe wrong can also decrease your performance and affect results. Proper breathing techniques reduce stress and muscle tension and help calm the nerves. So, you focus better and get good results.
Breathing through your nose by taking long and slow breathsexpandsthe lungs for more oxygen. So, the body does not starve of oxygen and duckinjuries.

Putting It All Together

MMA training is a great way to improve physical and mental health, improve stamina, and learn self-defense. Listen to your body and do not miss any safety measures. Consult a doctor and talk to your trainer if anything seems or feels odd. Be safe and train well!

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