How to tag friends on facebook ?

What is tagging on facebook?

Tgging is a grat way to reach more users on Facebook. Now a day’s social media tagging are extremely popular and everyone wants to tag pics to the closet one. Tagging is a social component that started on Facebook. When you tag someone, you can create a link to their profile. If you tag the post to any person then it will show on their timeline so that is called tagging. Suppose when you tag photo to someone for showing any kind of status update then it will display to that person who are in their friend list because that will be showing on their timeline as we discussed above.

 How Tagging works on Facebook?

When you tag any post to someone, a special kind of link appear as facebook locate it. It links a person’s profile to the post and the person tagged in the post always notified it. If any user set the privacy setting “public” then the post will be show on their own profile and the news feed of their friends. On the other hand if any user set the privacy setting “private” then every post will be notify by review or its depend on the user want so that’s why User set this setting accordingly.  

How do I review my tag that people add to my facebook timeline?

Firstly you can turn on tag review:

New Facebook
1.      Click at the top right corner.
2.      Select setting and privacy > Setting.
3.      Go to the left corner and then click the timeline and tagging.
4.      Click for the setting review tag where people add to your post before the tag display on facebook? And click edit to the right.
5.      Select enable from the drop down menu.

One more thing I want to share with you when you tag review enable, you will get a notification on that time when you want to post the review. You can approve or ignore the tag whatever you want or you can do it accordingly.

Tag on facebook on Desktop –

1.      Firstly start typing your status whatever you want to tag.
2.       Hit “@” followed by the person’s name.
3.      Wait for the drop down.
4.      Choose the correct person name and just posted your post.
5.      On the other way there is showing the tag friend option on your screen just click on that option and start typing person name so that you can select and tag the right one.

Tag on facebook in Mobile –

1.      Start to the Facebook App on your android phone or iPhone.
2.      Go to the photo section there is showing on the option on your screen.
3.      Search the photo and select anyone.
4.      After opening the photo click on the tag button.
5.      Choose the tagging person and that would be tagged.

How to remove a tag from a photo or post?

Remove a tag from the post:
1.      Go to the post.
2.      Click on the ... in the top right corner.
3.      Click Remove tag.
 Remove a tag from the photo:
1.      Go to the picture.
2.      Click option on the bottom right.
3.      Select Remove and now your photo will be remove.

How to say Facebook tagging a part of social media marketing?

Social media marketing is the powerful way to reach your business with your customers or clients. Especially social media marketing is the part of social media platform with the help of it we can build your brand in front of audience for increasing client sales and get a well traffic on the customer’s websites so that customers can achieve their goals. It involves a great content on your social media profile like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Snapchat and so on.

How to Tag a post on other business page in the facebook?

·        Firstly go to your business pages which are done by your end.
·        Click on the “Write a post”.
·        Star typing the post whatever you want to give information about your business page.
·        To tag another business page, start typing the symbol “@” and the business pages name.
·        Scroll the options of face book gives you and select the right page.
·        Post your status.

Why you want to tag post on the other business Page?

There are numerous reasons to tag post on the other business page on the facebook:
·        When you tag your post to other business page then it will display on that business page.
·        The post will be visible to their followers of the page you tagged and it will help to reach your post to many users and get more followers and engagement with chance of more goals for your business.
·        Numerous people who may not familiar with your business will see your post and chance will be increase to collaborating with that business on a new product and services.

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