5 Questions To Ask When Installing Solar Panel

installing solar panel

With the increasing focus on renewable energy, numerous residents in Sydney are contemplating the installation of solar panels to tap into the sun’s energy as a viable source of power. However, before diving into this eco-friendly venture, it’s crucial to ask the right questions and make well-informed decisions. Whether you’re a sustainability enthusiast or simply seeking to reduce your energy bills, the process of installing solar panels involves careful consideration of various factors. In this article, we’ll explore five essential questions that every homeowner in Sydney should ask when embarking on their solar panel installation journey.

Getting solar power set up in your home doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. By considering these 5 questions, you can begin the process without unnecessary stress. If you’re in Sydney and looking for solar panel installation, this approach can help simplify decision-making.

Is a solar power system right for me?

If you value cutting costs on bills, lessening your carbon footprint, or gaining more self-reliance from energy companies, solar power could be a perfect choice for you! However, it’s crucial to confirm that your property is suitable as well.

Before proceeding, it is crucial to establish if you have permission to set up solar panels on your rooftop. If you’re a homeowner, ensure there are no heritage restrictions that prohibit installation. Additionally, if your property is part of an Owner’s Corporation, seek their approval. For renters, discuss the matter with your landlord and consider if staying in the property for an extended period justifies the initial cost of solar power.

Next, evaluate whether your roof is appropriate for solar energy. It’s important to confirm that your roof has adequate space for panels, is oriented towards the north, east, or west, and isn’t excessively shaded. A skilled solar technician can assist you in conducting this evaluation.

What is the timeframe for me to recoup the expenses of my solar power system through the savings on my energy bills?

An experienced solar power installer can assist in calculating the time it takes to recoup your investment, as well as determining the system’s cost and capacity. Your daytime energy consumption and feed-in tariff will also play a significant role in these calculations.

Typically, the repayment period for your solar power system’s initial cost ranges from 5 to 10 years. However, this duration is decreasing due to market expansion, improved solar panel efficiency, and declining prices. Opting for a financing plan could potentially result in annual power bill savings that almost cover the panel costs, thus reducing the upfront investment required. When meeting with potential solar installers, bring two electricity bills from different seasons (e.g., summer and winter) so they can analyze the various options with you.

Typically, a well-designed solar power system can endure for at least 25 years, providing ample opportunity to recover your initial investment and benefit from the abundance of free electricity.

Am I eligible for any discounts or subsidies?

Numerous state governments across Australia administer solar rebate initiatives to assist households in acquiring solar power systems for their residences. If you are uncertain about your eligibility for a rebate, a reputable solar installer can guide you through the process.

Certain state government solar rebate programs mandate the use of a retailer affiliated with a reputable industry scheme, such as the Clean Energy Council’s National Approved Solar Retailer program. Installers approved by these schemes are dedicated to delivering high-quality products and services to their clients.

What kind of guarantee covers the parts and installation of my system?

A reputable solar retailer will ensure you receive comprehensive details about the warranties associated with your solar power system quote. This encompasses specific information regarding the warranties for various system components, such as the 25-year warranty for many solar panels and the 10-year warranty for numerous inverters. Additionally, there should be an installation warranty in place to address any installation-related issues. Furthermore, some retailers may even offer post-warranty support to replace failed components during their product warranty period. If your chosen solar retailer fails to provide transparent information about warranties, it could indicate that they are not the most suitable option for you.

What happens if something goes wrong?

On occasion, solar power systems may fail to meet expectations or experience complete malfunctions. These issues may arise from defective components or errors during installation.

Competent solar installers prioritize customer satisfaction and are committed to resolving issues promptly. Membership in reputable programs like the Clean Energy Council’s Approved Solar Retailer program mandates effective procedures for addressing faults, problems, and complaints, ensuring high standards of service.

In case you encounter any issues with your solar power system, make sure to reach out to the company or individual who installed it. A reputable installer will be quick to address your concerns, identify the issue, and provide a solution by either repairing or replacing the problematic components.

If your installer refuses to assist you, your state or territory consumer protection agency can offer guidance and potential support. Refer to this list to locate the appropriate agency. Customers are entitled to legal protections if manufacturers or installers fail to fulfill their obligations or if products and services do not meet their promised specifications.


In summary, the decision to install solar panels is a major one that requires careful thought and consideration. Homeowners can ensure they make an informed choice that meets their needs by asking the right questions. Factors such as cost, energy production potential, warranty coverage, installation process, and maintenance requirements are essential to consider for a successful solar panel installation.

Seeking expert advice and conducting thorough research before committing to a solar panel system is crucial. By asking these important questions, homeowners can positively impact the environment and enjoy the financial and energy-saving benefits of solar power. It’s important to address these queries before proceeding with your solar panel installation to maximize the advantages of this sustainable energy solution.

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