Smart Door Locks: The Future of Home Security And Visitor Tracking

ozokart Smart Door Locks The Future

In the current digital era, digital door locks are becoming more popular. Gone are the days of missing important deliveries or wondering who is at your main door. With digital door locks, you can receive real-time notifications, view live video feeds, and even have two-way audio conversations with visitors, all through a user-friendly app. 

Digital door locks have transformed home security and visitor management, offering homeowners advanced features and convenience. They use your home’s wireless network to connect to your smartphone or other devices, allowing you to communicate with visitors at your front door from anywhere around a specific predetermined range. Here, we will discuss how digital door locks help you modernise home security and visitor management.

Key Features of  Digital Door Locks

It is essential to understand digital door locks’ features to understand their functioning. Let’s discuss and explore what they offer. 

Built-In Sensors:

Digital door locks have a built-in sensor that sends you notifications if the door is not locked properly. Advanced sensor detection can notify the owner whether the door is fully closed or left ajar. This feature gives you peace of mind and the ability to take necessary action.

Two-Way Communication:

One of the excellent features of digital door locks is that you can communicate with individuals at your door. These days, door locks come with a microphone and speaker integrated into them. This facility lets you communicate with visitors, delivery persons, or anyone else at your door, allowing you to interact with them and provide instructions without opening the door.

Cloud and Local Storage:

Digital door locks offer various options for storing passwords and accessing data. They provide cloud storage, where the recordings are securely stored on remote servers, allowing you to access them from anywhere. Additionally, some locks have space for storage on the device. This feature gives you flexibility and choice in how you want to store and access your data.

Compatibility with Mobile Devices:

Digital locks are designed to be compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It implies connecting your smartphone or tablet to the lock using a special application. Through the application, you can receive immediate alerts on your mobile device, view a live video stream of your doorstep, and access other helpful features directly from your phone or tablet.

Rechargeable Battery Or  Wired Power:

Digital door locks can be powered by a rechargeable battery or by connecting them by wire. You can install battery-powered door locks wherever you want without cables. They can also function during power outages. On the other hand, wired door locks ensure a constant power supply and eliminate the need for recharging. 

Remote Access and Control: 

With wireless connectivity, you can access and control your door lock remotely from anywhere if you have an Internet connection. Using the dedicated mobile app, you can check the live video feed, receive alerts, look out for who is accessing the door, and adjust settings on your door locks. It allows you to stay connected and in control, even when you’re away from home.

Weatherproof Design:

Digital door locks withstand various weather conditions. They resist dirt and moisture, making them appropriate for outdoor installation. With their weatherproof design, they can function in rain, snow, or other demanding weather circumstances. This feature guarantees that your door locks operate effectively and offers uninterrupted security for your residence.

Smart Home Integration:

For each advancement, technology is a central aspect. Regarding door locks, smart home integration helps develop your residence’s security. Fingerprint door locks and voice command systems are the major advancements in door locks. Many digital door locks can be integrated with popular smart home systems like Google Nest or Amazon Alexa. 

You can use voice commands to access and control your door lock through these smart home platforms. It provides an added convenience, allowing you to manage your home’s locking system and other smart devices using just your voice.


In conclusion, digital door locks offer several advanced features that ensure optimal security. Switching to smart door locks from traditional will modernise your home security and visitor management. Therefore, understand the features of modern door locks and install them to stay safe and cautious.

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