5 Credit Card Bill Payment Tips to Keep Your Accounts in Solid Shape

credit card bill payment

The best preparation one can make is on-time credit card bill payment. You should always pay off your credit card debt properly, whatever your financial objectives or circumstances are. The majority of individuals use credit cards to address financial problems in an emergency. But utilizing them for purchases can result in large credit card debt. Therefore, if you have adequate cash, it is preferable to refrain from using your credit card for every single purchase. Late payments on credit card balances might lower your credit and CIBIL scores.

For this reason, it is crucial to keep a few things in mind when paying for a credit card account. Prepare a budget by outlining your income and outgoing expenses before paying off all your obligations and spending. By creating a budget, you may control your spending and strive to generate enough money to pay your credit card debt on time. Try to examine your spending patterns before deciding how much you must pay as required. Keep track of your financial health before making a timely loan payment.

Your debt issue may be resolved using an EMI to pay off your credit card payment. But the calculation must be done correctly, or you may be subject to additional hidden fees or pre-closure costs. During a financial crisis, paying large sums of money in bills could be difficult. However, you can choose the EMI option and pay the high sum in several small monthly installments. If you cannot pay the bill on time, speak with your bank and choose the EMI option. Your convenience will be taken into consideration as the bank divides your bill amount appropriately and applies an interest rate to that monthly sum. Calculate your entire debt and permit the banks to convert it into EMIs.

Never forget to frequently check your credit card statement and billing cycle before making your credit card bill payment. One must check their outstanding credit card bills on or before the due date to prevent any additional fees. Cards like the Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard come with a 28-day grace period. Now, consumers can pay their debts before the due date.

Linking your bank account to pay your credit card bill on time is preferable to avoid any late fees or missing fees. This automatic payment option for credit card bills can relieve your manual payment anxiety. Autopay is a good choice for persons who get a reliable, fixed paycheck each month into a bank account connected to a credit card.

Try first to make the credit card minimum payment before the due date if you are in a financial bind. You run the risk of being caught in a high-interest rate each day if you don’t pay the minimum debt by the due date.

Here are The 5 Credit Card Bill Payment Tips:

Pay Before the Due Date

One should always make their payment before the deadline to avoid incurring exorbitant interest and penalties. Be cautious because if a credit card amount is rolled over, you can pay interest rates as high as 36%–48%. Additionally, ending the debt cycle will take a lot of time, money, and mental energy.

EMI Option

If you can’t pay the entire amount in one go for a large purchase, it’s best to convert it into an EMI. This is because the interest rates would be significantly lower.

Balance Transfer

You can choose to transfer your balance if you have several credit cards. It allows you to move your debt from one card to another at a cheaper interest rate. The processing fee for balance transfers is typically 1% of the transferred balance, while card issuers sporadically provide zero-interest balance transfer options. Not frequently transferring balances is advised because this can lower your credit score.

Bill Clearance

Pay off your debts first before making any new purchases. A monthly interest rate of 3%–4% will be charged if the unpaid debt is carried over to the following billing cycle. You won’t obtain the interest-free period on credit card purchases if you keep delaying the payment and continue making new purchases. So, refrain from making any new transactions until your past-due balances are settled.

Cash Withdrawal 

ATM cash withdrawals should be deposited as soon as possible because there is no interest-free grace period for these withdrawals. Typically, there is a one-time fee in addition to interest charges that begin on the first day of the cash withdrawal. It continues till the day of the final payback.


Use credit cards responsibly to prevent depleting your finances and falling into a debt trap. Follow these tips to manage your finances gracefully. 

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    […] Also check – 5 Credit Card Bill Payment Tips To Keep Your Accounts In Solid Shape […]

  2. […] Also check – 5 Credit Card Bill Payment Tips to Keep Your Accounts in Solid Shape […]

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