5 Creative Ways to Use Decorative Laminates in Design Projects

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Ever considered designing your living room or changing the wall color of your kitchen cabinets? Perhaps you have thought of adding a tinge of vibrancy to your dining room. So, designing your home space can be about designing multiple parts of it, be it your bedroom, guestroom, or water-prone kitchen area. Decorative laminates by CenturyLaminates are one of the most creative materials you can use to refurbish your home. They are available in a gamut of colors, mixes, and sizes and are the perfect layers to enhance the look of your house. So, let us delve deep into the topic to determine what decorative laminates are.

 What are decorative laminates?

 So, if you are a first-time buyer of interior goods, you may be hearing the word “laminates” for the first time. Fret not; it will not take too long to understand the definition of laminates. Laminates are the final layers added to the surfaces of plywood, furniture, and wooden panels. They are composed by stacking together extremely thin layers of resin and other components. When it is used for decorative purposes, it is referred to as “decorative laminates.” It is to be noted that the uppermost layer usually has a printed pattern that makes the plywood look chic. So, be it for changing the look of the furniture of your house or revamping kitchen decor, laminates can be your go-to product for every activity. They will give you the most mesmerizing finish with an additional decorative layer printed on their surface.

 Let us now explore how these laminates can be incorporated in a design-centric manner so as to bring glory to your home. 

Statement walls

Most wall panel materials are exorbitant. So, if you wish to make your wall extra unique but lack the perfect fabric at a low price, then you have not come across laminates. However, laminates can serve the purpose without costing a lot of money. Furthermore, it can be creatively employed in your wall design. For instance, if you want a rusty look for your interiors, choose a moderately toned laminate for the decor. Another viable option would be opting for a more natural look using a wood laminate by CenturyLaminates that is adequately bleached to give that rusty touch to your space. So make your walls stand out by utilizing first-class decorative laminates. 

Aesthetic bookshelf 

Give an aesthetic appeal to your bookshelf using decorative wood laminates. Incorporate new artistic styles on the shelf and make them reflect your creative persona. Create a customized, attractive bookshelf by adding a background or changing the lining between its interiors. Beautify the backdrop of your bookshelf with this technique. 

Table decoration

One of the best items to express your creativity is a table. Explore laminates in different colors and styles and make use of their appealing geometric patterns. It is sure to catch eyeballs as soon as someone enters your home. 

Elegant entrance

Ever think about giving an outsider the best first impression of your home? Then, use decorative laminates to give it directly. Get your creative juices flowing and unleash them on the front door of your house, where guests arrive. This will dramatically improve the look of your entryway. Other ways to enhance the entrance space are to use compact laminates on the walls near the front door or resurface them using a beautiful laminate layer. Go glam with this one-of-a-kind decorative laminate.

Storeroom makeover

A storeroom is a place where family members enter and frequently exit to fetch old and rusty items. But if the whole storage facility looks rusty, would you go there to grab your things? You can be a little artistic and design your storeroom using a decorative laminate by CenturyLaminates. Employ the distinctive properties of a compact laminate to nail the look of your storage interiors. 

 CenturyLaminates is an industry-leading manufacturer of plywood. They have a wide range of products in different sizes, colors, and textures. Feel free to check out their plywood, which is exceptional, durable, and affordable.

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