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C35 Round Bars

Dhand Steels Industries is a well-known supplier of C35 Round Bars. Our C35 Sheets and Plates are of the highest quality. We are one of the leading C35 Carbon Steel Round Bar manufacturers, exporters, dealers, and suppliers in India. 

The metallurgical company, mechanical sector, shipbuilding industry, aircraft, and automobile industry all use C35 carbon steel. C35 steel is used to manufacture machine parts including screws, bolts, shafts, engine components, and so on. C35 Bright bars are extremely versatile due to their high tensile strength and hardness. 

Dhand Steels Industries also offers C35 Bright Bars that fulfill international quality standards. Before dispatch, the materials are subjected to impact tests, ultrasound tests, temperature fatigue tests, chemical analysis tests, bent tests, and so on.

​The technical datasheet and tempering curve data for C35 carbon steel indicate that the material can be subjected to heat treatments like quenching, tempering, annealing, and normalization. C35 round bars provided by Dhand Steels Industries are tested for a wide range of factors and come with a free material test certificate. 

Dhand Steels is a C35 Round Bar manufacturer that produces a wide range of sizes using only prime quality billets and blooms as raw resources. The C35 Round Bar products that we provide to our clients are of high quality, and these round bars are used to manufacture types of machinery and OEM auto components.

These products were created with the quality parameters established by the sector in the market in mind. C35 Steel Round Bars are always provided with test certificates and can be supplied in bulk or retail quantities as required by the customer. We supply C35 round bars to numerous engineering and forging industry sectors for use in levers, bolts, nuts, and studs.


  • Oil and Gas Pipeline
  • Chemical Industry
  • Plumbing
  • Water Supply Systems
  • Paper & Pulp Industry
  • Power Plant
  • Heating
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Structural Pipe
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Fabrication Industry
  • General purpose applications
  • Food Processing Industry
  • another industrial purpose etc.

AISI C35 Chemical Composition:

Manganese, Mn0.60 – 0.90 %
Carbon, C0.310 – 0.380 %
Sulfur, S0.050 %
Phosphorous, P0.040 %
Iron, Fe98.63 – 99.09 %

C35 Mechanical Properties 

C35 includes high hardness, tensile strength, and yield strength. Heat treatments can be used to modify the mechanical properties of the material. The tensile strength of C35 ranges from 500 to 1200 MPa. The yield strength of C35 ranges from 350 to 630 MPa. The density of C35 is high. Heat treatment methods can alter the mechanical properties of a material. We perform strength tests, impact tests, Brinell hardness tests, fracture toughness tests, and durability tests on C35. The following are the physical properties of C35:

 Property                     Value

Tensile Strength       500-1200 MPa

Yield Strength          350-630 MPa

Elongation               11-23%

Hardness                 180-350 HB

High Tensile strength

The strength will vary based on the grade of steel used in the c35 bright bar manufacturing process. Even when subjected to high temperatures, the c35 bright bar of high tensile strength will retain its quality.

The hardness of the C35 Bright Bar

The ability to resist surface scraped spots and space is referred to as hardness (confined plastic disfigurement). Because it can indicate security from having to scrape, scraped spot, space, molding, or even confined plastic mishappening, hardness may be the least obvious material characteristic. Hardness is important from a design standpoint because protection from wear caused by contact or disintegration caused by steam, oil, and water commonly increases with hardness.

The Brinell test is one of the space hardness tests designed for hardness testing. Brinell tests involve crashing a hard, circular indenter into the outer layer of the metal under test at a predetermined burden.

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Heat treatment for C35 Bright Bar

Heat treatment temperature changes, including the rate of warming, cooling, and drenching durations, will shift while solidifying C-20 due to factors such as the shape and size of each part. Various aspects to consider during the intense therapeutic process include the type of heater, the annihilating expert, and the workpiece transport offices.

Hardening of C35 Bright Bar

C-35, a low-carbon steel, is not the best choice for heat treatment. In the occasion that solidifying is required, increase the temperature to a range of 880 to 910 °C. Saturate the rod in the water.

C35 Bright Bar Wielding Strength

A pressure strain bend’s yield point is where flexible movement closures and plastic performance begin. The yield strength or yield pressure of a material is represented as the strain at which it begins to plastically twist. In any case, the start of nonlinear (versatile + plastic) distortion occurs at the yield point. The material will flexibly distort prior to the yield point and revert to its original shape once the applied burden is removed. Once the yield edge is passed, some of the classified according to the following will become extremely durable and irreversible. The yield point peculiarities are a characteristic of a few planning and preparation and multiple materials.


Because the c35 bright bar can be cut or stamped, they can be used with other metal fittings and connectors. Because of their malleability, round bars can be utilized to make both small fasteners and large machinery.

Superior surface finish

Polishing c35 bright bar will result in a variety of finishes that will improve both appearance and functionality.

Variety of shapes

It can be used for a variety of applications due to the various round bar sizes available. Industries can benefit from round bars’ low maintenance requirements.

Corrosion resistance

Improved corrosion resistance is critical for longer stability. It also enhances the c35 bright bar durability.

Excellent Surface Finish

A metal smooth finish can also provide a high-rated finish to the round bar. A stock metal round bar’s luster can be enhanced by applying some other thin coating of zinc, cadmium, chromium, or nickel plating. Simple brushing and cleaning, on the other hand, can eliminate any surface roughness or imperfections on the round bar, likely to result in a uniform and smooth exterior body.

Our round bars are widely available in the marketplace and have helped a variety of industries. You can get in touch with us if you need high-strength, low-maintenance material.

Dhand Steels provides c35 steel bars in all grades and specifications. Choose your purchase’s properties such as diameter, cold-rolled, hot-rolled, corrugated, and more. C35 steel bars are more durable than galvanized steel. They keep concrete from cracking. Thinner concrete will suffice when used for construction purposes. The C35 steel bar is extremely durable, economical, and responsive.

C35 steel bars can help improve the functionality of a variety of commercial enterprises. Airports, agriculture, fencing, infrastructural facilities, and concrete slabs are examples of these. When purchasing a c35 steel bar, compare prices from numerous international sellers and narrow your selection based on price, quality, and previous customer reviews. 

Dhand Steels allow you to browse the entire range of c35 steel bar offers and match your specifications at affordable prices. You can purchase samples before making a final decision.

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