C40 Bright Bars

C40 bright bars

C40 Bright Bar is commonly used in the steel industry.  In addition to automobile deals, C40 bright bars is suitable for use in a wider range of planning applications. Heat has little effect on C40’s wear resistance.

Round Bright bars made from C40 are made from pure medium carbon steel. C40 bars are used when low-carbon steel is not an option because of its superior properties. The C40 magnificent bar goes through heat treatment to deliver a fair surface hardness and a little wear check by fire.

The pure medium steel grade C40 has a respectable level of strength. It is typically regulated when it is in a cold-drawn or as-moved state. Although they are erratic, flexible properties typically range from 500 to 800 N/mm2.

However, C40 is frequently utilized in situations where low-carbon steel is not sufficient to meet the requirements. The high cost of mixed steel is not justified by it. C40 bright bars have a respectable surface hardness and reasonable wear resistance and are frequently cemented by fire or enrollment. C40 is available for use and can be moved from the bar’s stockpile. Bright bars that are of different size ranges are available at Dhand Steels.

Grade Application 

C40 carbon steel is a well-known medium carbon steel that is also medium pliable. It has a thorough-solidifying medium carbon content and superior strength to mild steel. In addition, C40 carbon steel can be machined effectively in any setting.

The preparation method of C40 is typically utilized in its supplied, untreated form. However, enlistment methods may also surface-solidify C40 preparations, resulting in components that are more resistant to wear. Steel C40 materials have excellent uniform metallurgical designs in their intensity-treated structures, providing dependable machining qualities.

Chemical properties of C40 Bright Bar 

Because it can be machined quickly and easily for any purpose, the C40 grade of bright bars through solidifying medium carbon steel is quite popular. The bright bars can be used to make gears, bolts, studs, axles, and shafts that are generally usable. Utilizing acceptance techniques, it is frequently possible to further surface-solidify it to 50–55 HRC, providing components with more advanced wear obstruction. C40D is recommended for these applications. C40 M, a free-machining variant, is also available at Dhand Steels. 

GradeChemical composition %:

Mechanical properties

High yield strength, tensile strength, and hardness are all mechanical properties of C40 bright bars. Mechanical properties can be altered by treating the material with heat. C40 has a tensile strength of 500 to 1200 MPa. The C40 yield strength ranges between 400 and 630 MPa. Density is high in C40. Depending on the type of heat treatment, the material’s mechanical properties may change. Strength tests, impact tests, Brinell hardness tests, fracture toughness tests, and durability tests are all performed on C40. 

The following is a list of C40’s physical characteristics:

GradeTensile Strength (Mpa)Yield Strength (Mpa)Elongation in 100-150 mm(%)Reduction in AreaHardness

Physical properties

C40 carbon steel bright bar is a popular medium carbon and medium tensile steel that through-hardens and has greater strength than mild steel. C40 Carbon Steel Round Bar can also be easily machined in any situation. Most of the time, C40 steels are used in their raw, untreated state.

Sl. No.ConditionSize (Diameter Across Flats Or Thickness)Tensile Strength N/Mm2 ( Min.)Yield stress N/Mm2 ( Min.)At Gauge Length, percentage elongation is 5.65 √S0
1Normalized + Turned Or Ground6 To 15055028016
  > 150 To 25051024517
2Hot Rolled + Cold Drawn Or Hot Rolled + Cold Drawn + Ground6 To 136605307
  > 13 To 166585108
  > 16 To 4062048010
  > 40 To 6360046710
  > 63 To 7657843010
3Hardened And Tempered + Turned Or GroundQ  6 To 63625 To 77538516
  R  6 To 19700 To 85046516
4Hardened And Tempered + Cold Drawn Or Hardened And Tempered + Cold Drawn + GroundQ  6 To 63687 To 96543712
  R  6 To 19757 To 85049012

Bright Bar Hardness

C40 Round Bar and Pole has more strength and hardness than low-carbon grades. EN 8/8D is, in fact, formable and weldable with standard shop methods. The C40 grade does well with shaping and intensity treatment despite having excellent machinability. Rounds:300 mm to 23.5 mm; Bars that Shine: 63.5 mm to 18 mm; Pads: 50 to 150 mm by 25 mm; Squares: 22 to 75 microns; Hexagons: 38 mm to 23.5 mm; are a portion of the standard C40 bar sizes.

Brinell hardness ranges from 205-255

Heat treatment

C40 or 080m40 can be processed at temperatures between 550 and 660 degrees Celsius (1022 and 1220 degrees Fahrenheit), warming for about an hour for each additional layer of thickness, and then cooling in oil or water.

Before being air-cooled, C40 brilliant mild steel is standardized at temperatures of 830–860 °C (1526–1580 °F).

After being warmed to this temperature, steel will burn more diligently if ignited in water or oil.

Hardening of the Bright Bar: Surface hardness and wear resistance of C40 are moderate after induction or flame hardening.

AnnealingQuenchingTemperingNormalizingQ & T

Tensile strength

The C40 Bright Bar has a high tensile strength and is made of unalloyed, medium-carbon steel. High-stiffness, unalloyed, medium-carbon steel grade C40 is typically offered in rolled or cold-drawn form. Albeit bendable attributes can change, they commonly fall somewhere in the range of 500 and 800 N/mm2.

Yield strength

The C40 Bright Bar yield strength (106 Pa) for the cold-drawn thin condition is 530, whereas the normalized state yield strength is 280.


At Dhand Steels, we manufacture C40 Bright bars in round, Hexagons, Squares, and Flats shapes.


The size ranges from 2mm to 200 mm. 

Customer value

We are one of India’s leading producers of C40 round bars and can offer the best price. Customer value 100% crack-free brilliant bars. We undergo surface polishing and premium quality testing for all our products.

Supply cities

At Dhand Steels, we supply our bright bars to various cities of Maharashtra, Pune, Aurangabad, Nashik, Mumbai, Nagpur, Thane, Faridabad, Delhi-National Capital Region, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Rajkot, Surendranagar, and Tamil Nadu.

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