Characteristics Of Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs)

Highly Sensitive Persons (HSPs)

Are you able to think and feel more deeply? You may be one of 20 percent of highly sensitive people (HSP). High-sensitive people are more sensitive to stimuli around and within them. The HSP brain has been shown to be more active in areas such as attention, emotion, decision-making, and action-planning. Consult with the best Psychologist near me at TalktoAngel to learn more about the characteristics of highly sensitive persons.

Sensory processing sensitive people are highly sensitive to the environment. HSPs may experience heightened sensory input from sights, sounds, smells, and other sensory inputs. An HSP may feel a sound that is not perceptible by most people as being very obvious or even painful.

Being highly sensitive is more than being sensitive to stimuli. These are just a few of the other characteristics that make you highly sensitive.

  • Processing environmental stimuli more deeply
  • Being more emotionally reactive to behavior inhibition
  • Being more physiologically responsive to behavioral inhibition
  • In stressful situations, having a stronger unconscious nervous system activity
  • Having stronger emotional reactions (both positive and negative).
  • Being observant of subtle differences
  • Tolerance to sensory inputs that are too high
  • A low pain threshold

High sensitivity can lead to anxiety and relationship problems. There are many benefits to being sensitive, especially if you have the right support and environment. You may be able to have a rich inner life and show greater empathy. High levels of empathy can lead to strong relationships and deep processing of information.

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Signs You Are Highly Sensitive

You can confidently identify as an HSP if you can relate to the following.

1. You are extremely compassionate.

HSPs have a keen ability for others to feel their feelings, needs, and insecurity. Science has proven it: HSPs have more active mirror neurons that are responsible for understanding other people’s emotions. You are a master of communication, conflict resolution, and inspiring others to take action because you have emotional intelligence and empathy.

2. You cherish reflection.

You are highly sensitive and thrive when you have the time to think before you respond. You are sensitive to subtleties and can connect and integrate complex information. It is important to allow yourself to process all the information you are constantly receiving.

3. You freeze under pressure.

You might feel anxious working under pressure and afraid to speak up in meetings. It can be overwhelming to have a huge list of things to do. It is important to learn how to manage your time so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

4. Negative feedback can be very difficult.

HSPs are more sensitive to criticism than other people. HSPs may do whatever it takes to avoid criticism, including working harder, which can lead to burnout.

5. You are in control of all details

HSPs have a high level of perceptiveness. HSPs are able to pick up the details of situations and spot the smallest changes. In many situations, this detail orientation can be a positive trait. This trait can make you more friends and better allies. If you don’t manage your meticulousness well, it can lead to perfectionist tendencies. Sometimes, it’s better to be done than perfect.

6. You exude kindness.

Your politeness, courtesy, and clear understanding of the difference between right and wrong are often praised. You are known for being a champion of integrity and keeping your word in the office. These traits are very important but HSPs can easily be annoyed by co-workers who do not share these values or traits.

7. You see what others don’t.

Have you ever left a meeting only to be remarked on your boss’s incessant pen-tapping, only for your co-worker to reply, “Oh, that’s not my problem.”? High-sensitive people are highly sensitive and can process noise, chaos, and other stimuli deeply. What may seem major to you might go unnoticed by someone else.

8. You love working at home.

People with sensitive skin often prefer to work in environments that are controlled by external stimuli. This is why they prefer to work from home in offices that have an open layout.

9. You are looking for meaning and purpose.

HSPs are motivated by intrinsic factors, such as enjoyment and satisfaction in work, rather than external factors like money or prestige. HSPs are people who look for work that is meaningful and fulfilling, not just for the paycheck.

You don’t have to be unhappy or confused by your strong emotions. Instead, think about how you can make these strengths your gifts. It is essential that HSPs identify their main areas of sensitivity in order to cope. Some people are more sensitive than others to sensory input while others find social interaction overwhelming. 

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A high-sensitive person does not necessarily mean that they have a medical condition. HSP may provide them with meaningful support through therapy or resources. Highly sensitive people can be made to feel more manageable if they have the right environment.

High sensitivity can be characterized by negative feelings towards others and anger. It is possible to break this fusion through systematic online therapy. It doesn’t always take a lot of time. It is not about being naturally sensitive. People have highlighted elements such as self-criticism or the feeling that others are negative about you. Psychological treatment from an Online Counselor can help with these troublesome defense mechanisms.

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