En8 Bright Bars- Compositions and Specifications

En8 Bright Bars

En8 is a type of non-alloyed carbon steel of medium tendency which is preferred to be used in relevance where a better quality is required as compared to any other mild steel. En8 bright bars can be even put into a heat treatment to develop the desired hardness on the surface. The same will also result in a fair amount of flame resistance. En8 is quite recognized in industries such as automotive and broad engineering. Because this kind of steel has comparatively high strength capabilities as to mild steel, it is often used for every basic engineering purpose.

Chemical Composition En8 Bright Bars


Mechanical Properties

ConditionYield StressTensile StrengthElongation
Cold drawn5306607

Features and Advantages of Using Bright Bars

Top-notch mechanical distinctiveness. En8 bright bar manufacturer in Maharashtra prefers the same because of the high-value properties. Bright bars are not only better performing than mild steel but can result in high tensile strength as well as better performance in the coming years. 

This kind of metal is also known to reduce the cost factors by the abolishment of heat treatment. Also, bright bars reduce wear and tear by a significant amount so that is a plus for the business.

En8 bars are great for the environment. As we previously said, bright bars are way less prone to any damage or wear and tear resulting in very low or no need for maintenance. When compared to other types of steel, bright bars are known to be the most environmentally friendly as well as low-cost associated.

En8 is good for surface uprightness. Because bright bars go through the process of grinding, polishing, and cold drawing their texture goes a level up. This improved texture not only makes easy the process of machine loading but also increases reliability and testing standards. Good surface quality also prevents the need for any other machinery which results in cost cutting.

Usage of En8 Bars

Bright bars are usually in the shape of hard and ring-shaped steel so it is most likely to be used for various hook and eye sort of items. Bright bars fit perfectly into the category of hooks and latches used in various household applications because of the most precise and apt base material. This kind of steel could be easily transformed into minuscule sizes hence screws and bolts are the most made items.

En8 steel is also used in different industries such as car, engineering, oil, mining, fan, telecom, and even gaming. The sectors which require precision always make en8 steel type their staple because of its high resistance features. The appliances that are made for fabrication are also constituted of bright bars because it has comparatively high tensile strength than any other kind. Also, this steel is also used in making bigger machines whether in form of small items or even larger parts.

Another use of en8 bars is in the defense sector. It is often used for making various kinds of arms. The motors, nuts, and fasteners are also made up of the same material. All in all bright bars are a big hit in the engineering industry as well as in several other sectors. 

The flexibility, strength, and low-cost factor are what make these bright bars the most utilized and famous steel kind. These steel bars are found originated from various formulas starting from heat treatment to cold drawing and even polishing. If you also want to incorporate en8 in your business then contact Dhand Steel, a best en8 bright bars manufacturer, supplier, and exporter. With dedication and unique solutions, we provide high precision premium quality bright bars! 

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