How To Add Commands On Twitch?

How to Add Commands on Twitch

Twitch offers video streaming services where streamers can stream from various categories, including gameplay, art, music, or all the best sports action. Streamers try to get more and more audiences on Twitch as a wider audience brings in ways of monetizing your channel on Twitch.

When streamers gain their name and fame on Twitch because of their streams, they start getting a huge audience on their channel.

It often becomes difficult for them to manage both things, interact with the viewers and focus on their stream.

Thus, to deal with it, they come up with Twitch Commands, which help them save their time and manage both things together.

What are Twitch commands?

Twitch commands are your time-consuming performers.

These are chat lines and commands that do basic coding. You can use Twitch commands to save your time and use it more efficiently because by using Twitch commands, you don’t need to handle each viewer’s chat individually.

It deals with every specific message in your chat. Twitch commands help you in responding to common questions. Also, they can be effective in performing certain tasks like initiating raids, blocking a user, and much more. 

They also make your stream much more interactive. Twitch commands help you grow your community because they entertain all your viewers interacting with you in chat.

All the commands have a common syntax. The action and any extra parameters come first, then the “/” character.

How to use Chat Commands in Twitch chat?

For using a chat command in your Twitch chat, you need to type the name of the chat command after the “?” symbol.

Steps to add Chat commands on Twitch:

Firstly, go to the primary menu.

Then, open the commands menu.

Then, open the custom commands menu. 

In the ‘Command name,’ type the name of your chat command with “!” before it.

Like, “!xyz”.

Click ‘Create Button.’ 

Under the new chat command, go to the Edit menu.

Enter the message to which you would like your created command to work in the Reply section. 

Choose the ‘Save’ button.

How to edit a Chat Command?

Go to the primary menu, then open the commands menu. 

Now, open the custom commands menu.

Click on the Edit button in the table column of your request by finding your chat request in the menu search bar.

In the reply section, type the message to which your chat command would answer. 

Finally, click on the ‘Save’ button.

What are some Twitch Commands?

You don’t need to add all the commands to your channel; personally, there are some basic preset chat commands added by Twitch. You can use them directly by typing. 

To make your channel on Twitch much more impressive and customized, you need to add Custom Twitch Commands. A Twitch Chat bot can add these. 

Basic Twitch Commands for Everyone –

  • /mods – This will display all the chat moderators.
  • /VIPs – This will display the list of all VIPs.
  • /block {USERNAME} – This will block people in chat.
  • /unblock {USERNAME} – This will unblock the people
  • /color {COLORNAME} – This will change the color of your username
  • /color {HEXVALUE} – This will change the color of any hex value too.
  • /disconnect – This will disconnect you from the chat server
  • /w {USERNAME} {MESSAGE} – This will send a private message to another user on Twitch.

Basic Twitch Commands for Broadcasters and Moderators –

  • /user {USERNAME} – This will open a particular user’s profile card.
  • /ban {USERNAME} – This will ban a user permanently from the chat room.
  • /unban {USERNAME} – This will lift a permanent ban on a user from the chat room.
  • /slow {SECONDS} – This will limit how often users in the chat room are allowed to send messages.
  • /timeout {USERNAME SECONDS} – This will temporarily ban someone from the chat room for the set time.
  • /announce {DESCRIPTION} – This will get the chat’s attention by highlighting a message!
  • /monitor {USERNAME} – This will start monitoring a user’s messages.
  • /unmonitored {USERNAME} – This will stop tracking a user’s messages.

/restrict {USERNAME} – This will start restricting a user’s messages

  • /unrestrict {USERNAME} – This will stop restricting a user’s messages.

Thus, these are a few basic commands mentioned over here. Adding to it, there are many more basic commands on Twitch that you can use simply by typing and pressing Enter key. Also, there are some Channel Editor and Broadcaster Commands. 

How are Twitch Commands useful?

Twitch commands perform certain tasks like you can ban a user, controlling who can access your chat box, initiating the raids, sending a whisper to someone, and a lot more.

If you have a huge audience active in the chat box but can’t interact with them as you are busy with your stream, these commands act as a savior and help you interact with your viewers so that your viewers don’t get disappointed.

Mods or Moderators can make commands on Twitch but cannot add new Twitch Commands. 

For adding new commands on Twitch, a chatbot has to be used.

By using a chatbot, streamers or moderators can make customized chat commands which will help them respond to the repeating questions in chat and take up the viewer’s request.


With the help of Twitch Commands, you can interact with your audience and go ahead with your stream smoothly and concurrently.

Hence, there are some basic Twitch Commands which are mentioned above. However, for the customized Twitch Commands, you need to have a Chatbot.

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