Right Time to seek Career Counselling

Right Time to seek Career Counselling

A career decision is neither random nor temporary. Finding one’s dream career takes a lot of time. A student’s ability, hobbies, and personality are taken into account while determining the best professional path. Most students and their parents are unaware of it. It is a valid problem and very usual. Career counselling is a process that begins with educating students about their own skills and personalities via psychological testing. 

These are evaluations of their personality, kind of intellect, and learning style that were scientifically created. Students can examine their own strengths and flaws with their assistance. Students can assess their hobbies and life skills in order to develop a solid profile.

Depending on each student’s preferences and viewpoints, there may be a different ideal moment for career counselling. A lot of kids, ranging in age from 13 (in ninth grade) to 21 or 23 (a graduate), ask for consultations with career counsellors. It is generally believed that the ideal age for career counselling is when they are 15 years old, or in 10th grade. This age seems more appropriate age because students by this time are a little bit more emotionally and intellectually developed. They possess advanced mathematic and scientific “subject” expertise. They start to recognise their personality and get a sense of their ability, preferences, and dislikes. They are also able to generate better judgments and conclusions. 

The career counselling process done by this age allows pupils adequate time to explore and rule out certain job alternatives. In order to understand the potential career options in front of them, students are also urged to speak with a knowledgeable career counsellor at this time. 

A face-to-face counselling session or an online counselling session at this stage also entails bringing parent and student alignment. To address the gap between students’ interests and their parents’ expectations, career counsellors frequently conduct both individual and group counselling sessions.

However, here are a few indications that you need career counselling:-

You don’t know what you want out of your life:

Finding your strengths at any stage of life might be challenging for some individuals. Unfortunately, this is never a valid justification in the majority of life’s circumstances. Lack of direction in life is nearly as bad as not existing at all. It’s crucial to consider things that make you happy and excited. You should consider which professions would best suit the way of life you desire to pursue.

You have just finished high school:

If you have completed high school and are deciding which stream to pursue for intermediate and higher education, now is the ideal moment to get expert assistance. You are extremely probable to select the incorrect stream with the assistance of a variety of bad advice from various persons. Career counselling during this period of transition can help you avoid making poor decisions that might harm your interim outcomes.

You’re thinking about your interests and goals.

Do you ever stop to consider what it is that you truly love and what you hope to accomplish in life? Do you ponder what professions might allow you to pursue your interests? If so, seeing a career counsellor might help you discover more about the following: 

  1. How to make creative endeavours in a career.
  2. How to use your passion in any type of work setting.
  3. How to choose a job based on your values, beliefs, and way of life.

 You are about to start undergraduate studies at a college:

After completing secondary school, you have an even greater duty to enrol in some quality courses in college because you are now a member of the global rat race. Since there is a lot of competition at this level, picking a career that is not a good fit for you might make it nearly difficult for you to feel happy and be successful. Therefore, expert career counselling can inform you of the greatest career options that will ensure your success in your endeavours.

You are a College graduate and seeking to make a final career decision: 

You have graduated from college and are deciding whether to accept a position as a fresher or continue your education. When you have already reached a certain age when you must settle down and have very little room to take any chances with choosing the incorrect option, this is another key time. Trial and error is no longer an option, therefore it’s time to settle down. If you’re still puzzled at this point, you should seek out expert career counsel right away.

Once employed and you still believe you have a lot of potential but are unable to use it completely in your current employment and occasionally feel like switching things around. You may seek expert career guidance if you are unable to concentrate on a single vocation and are switching between options under the impression that you will do better in the next. 

In order to become more steady, it might assist you in concentrating on the aspects of your personality and interests that are stronger.

Career counselling is now also available online. Taking help from an online counsellor may help you achieve absolute clarity in your goals and can provide you with the tools you need to make the most use of your talents and abilities. This will pave the path for a fulfilled and joyful existence in the future.

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