Rolex Watches: The Ultimate Style Collection

Rolex Watches

Watches are a very important addition to the style statement of individuals. Many people take the inclusion of watches in their fashion game seriously and like to invest in luxury watches to flaunt their collections. The watch companies are seriously taking up the challenge to bring their customer a variety of collections that look lush in appearance and flamboyant in nature. People who Shop for professional watches, look up to brands like Rolex, who have the expertise and experience to craft something exclusive and chic. Rolex is the leading watch manufacturer that has managed to create stature and a prestigious space for itself in the watch industry.

The evolution of Rolex as a brand

Originally founded as “Wilsdorf and Davis” by the brother-in-law duo, Alfred Davis and Hans Wilsdorf, in the year 1905. The commercial journey of Wilsdorf and Davis began by importing Hermann Aeglar’s Swiss Calibre and placing them in the watch cases constructed by Dennison, etc. then these watches were sold to the jewelers who then put their names on them and sold them.

However, in the year 1908, the trademark “Rolex” was registered by Wilsdorf who opened an office in Switzerland. In the year 1919, Wilsdorf shifted the company to Geneva from its initial location in London because of the heavy taxes that were levied on the export and import items, especially gold and silver which were important materials for these watches, after the first world war. And finally, in the year 1920, the company’s name was officially changed to Montres Rolex S.A and then to Rolex S.A. 

However, with everything in place, the company faced a major manufacturing and marketing challenge with the invasion of dust and moisture under the dial and crown of the watches. As a solution to this, a third-party case maker was involved who constructed a dust-proof and waterproof wristwatch for Rolex with the name “Oyster”. Although the original patent and invention credit goes to Paul Perregaux and Georges Peret but was laboriously promoted by Rolex. For marketing the “Oyster” model, Rolex put the watches in the aquariums to exhibit their efficiency and genuineness. 

In the year 1927, British swimmer Mercedes Gleitze became the first ambassador for Rolex, after swimming across the English Channel with “Oyster” on her necklace. This also proved to be a global demonstration for Rolex on its new edition watches. Since then Rolex successfully held to its brand status and has been symbolical of luxury and quality watches. Years later, Rolex started selling watches under the brands Rolex and Tudor. Tudor was formed to take forward the reliability and dependability of the Rolex brand but at a lower and affordable price. 

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The manufacturing of Rolex

What eye cannot behold the glory of the  Black diamond Rolex? There must be probably no one who is not charmed by the finesse and the bewitching design of this model and many more such luxury craftsmanship of Rolex. Today, Rolex is a household name in luxury and professional watches and is the first choice for anyone who plans to invest in a worthy wristwatch. 

The popularity and fame of Rolex lie in the fact that they are the pioneers in developing the original quartz watch movements. Rolex is known to produce mostly mechanical watches, however, for the Oyster line, the brand started to produce the quartz model.

The engineers of Rolex were instrumental in designing and implementing the quartz technology during the 1960s to 70s. Sometime later, Rolex collaborated with some Swiss watch manufacturers to develop the Beta 21 quartz movement. And with five years of research, they successfully created the “clean slate” movement which powered the Rolex Oysterquartz. Material-wise, Rolex uses Aluminium, Stainless Steel, and Ceramic bezels primarily.

Some Noteworthy Models

Rolex generally has three lines of watches: Oyster Perpetual, Professional, and Cellini, with the watch straps usually made of either stainless steel, yellow gold,  white gold, or rose gold. The bracelets in the Oyster line are labeled as Jubilee, Oyster, President, and Pearlmaster. Rolex Daytona is the most expensive watch available. 

The “Air Prince” line created by Hans Wilsdorf is also highly valued and was created to honor the RAF pilots of Britain. If you would like to shop for professional watches from Rolex, they have a wide range of specific models that are developed to suit extreme human movements like deep sea diving, caving, mountain climbing, polar exploration, and aviation.

Some of the early and popular professional models are Rolex Submariner and Rolex Sea Dweller, and the Explorer and Explorer II models were specifically designed for explorers who travel across rough terrains like the Mount Everest expedition. The Rolex GMT Master, an iconic model, was developed by Rolex for the crew members of Pan Am Airways to provide them with two different time zones at the same watch. 

Bottom Line

By now you must be willing to be part of the Rolex fan club and own a Black diamond Rolex to mark your style and carry a heritage. Rolex is a brand that shouts out quality, trust, and dependability. If you own a Rolex you know exactly how great accomplishing it feels. So, if you are a fan of luxury professional watches check out their collection to know more. 

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  1. […] Also check about – Rolex Watches: The Ultimate Style Collection […]

  2. […] Also check – Rolex Watches: The Ultimate Style Collection […]

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