Say Bye Bye to Water Damage with SAINIK 710 Plywood

waterproof plywood

Plywood applications are incredibly popular in many forms of architectural design. They provide a rustic look to kitchen cabinets and wardrobes and can be the highlight of a space based on the theme. Good quality plywood is very effective for long-term cabinet and wardrobe plans while maintaining their look.

The Sainik 710 Plywood is the best plywood for all your needs, with advanced waterproofing. At affordable rates, you can choose reliable plywood sheets to ensure your furniture maintains the structural integrity of its applications.

How does moisture affect plywood?

Moisture is plywood’s biggest enemy. Wood is naturally hydrophilic and can disintegrate quickly when exposed to water. It imbibes water when it comes in contact with any form of moisture, reducing its quality. Waterproofing is crucial for the long-lasting implementation of plywood in your spaces. If quality is to be maintained, plywood must be waterproofed effectively.

How can you effectively test for a waterproof feature?

Most waterproof tests are ineffective and don’t test the plywood enough. The superficial dipping tests don’t test the core strength of the sheets, which is the targeted area during practical applications. Exposing the plywood to extreme water conditions is the best way to tackle the issue.

BWP Plywood stands for boiling-water-proof plywood. The best method of testing for efficiency is by boiling the plywood in water for about 72 hours. This tests the endurance of the plywood in the worst-case scenarios and ensures quality. The SAINIK 710 plywood has been tested to withstand this test and come out unscathed, making it the best choice for your spaces.

What are the significant advantages of choosing SAINIK 710 plywood?

Here are the main benefits which make SAINIK 710 the best plywood option for your space:

Strength and Integrity

The SAINIK 710 plywood offers incredible strength and can be used for various household installations. The quality has been tested regularly with a great focus on resilience to ensure a long lifespan for the plywood sheets. The strength is not compromised, even with the versatile design options they provide to suit your vision.

The integrity offered by plywood is one of the significant reasons why it is a popular option today. The sheets are sturdy and available in various thicknesses depending on the needs of the customer. With excellent moisture resistance, the integrity remains unaffected as the water cannot influence the internal structure of plywood.

Borer and Termite proofing

Another major benefit of using SAINIK plywood is the termite and borer proofing it provides. The termites feed on the cellulose in plywood to acquire nutrition. Termite attacks can weaken the strength of plywood applications and cause them to collapse in the longer run. Termite proofing is crucial to ensure plywood has a long lifespan.

The SAINIK 710 plywood comes with an 8-year warranty period. This period is a testament to the trust placed by the company in the quality of the sheets manufactured. With continuous research being done to improve termite proofing, CenturyPly offers the best plywood varieties which meet your demands.


The SAINIK 710 plywood sheet costs Rs. 107/unit (*unit=929 approx incl of GST). This pricing is exceptionally profitable and comparable with other varieties which don’t possess the quality SAINIK 710 does. You get better benefits for spending the same range of money, which is reliable and certified for its quality.

This allows people from all economic demographics to purchase plywood and have better installations in their homes. The price point is a major decision for most people, and research has made it possible to make the sheets affordable as well as practical.

One price throughout India

When you purchase the SAINIK 710 plywood, you are assured the exact pricing throughout the country. There is no bias on where and when you buy our products. We offer affordable prices and don’t overcharge you in specific parts of the country, making it a fair deal.

Many distributors overprice the original price to make more profits. It is crucial to weigh your options and recognize that CenturyPly’s SAINIK 710 is the best option in the market which has steady prices, effective functions, and a long lifespan. The pricing, coupled with the warranty, makes this plywood suited to all your constraints.


The SAINIK 710 plywood offers excellent durability and resistance to moisture. The plywood has passed the boiling water test conducted for over 72 hours, making it effectively waterproof. You get quality products at affordable prices and a warranty for eight years. The pricing is uniform throughout the country, and the sheets are termite and borer-proof. You can use the sheets for various applications and utilize them to their potential. So, why wait? Get shopping for SAINIK 710 Plywood sheets today!

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