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Waterproof plywood finds many applications today. They are prevalent to bring out a rustic look and protect the integrity of the wood for long lifespans. Read on to learn more about waterproof varieties, their advantages, and how to choose the best designs.

What is waterproof plywood?

Waterproof plywood is an altered form of sheets with added resins that repel water and keep the wood safe from damage. The waterproof quality increases the range of applications of plywood which weren’t possible due to the weakening of strength when plywood came in contact with water.

What are its advantages?

The best quality Plywood suited to all forms of applications is waterproof plywood. Here are the most significant advantages of using waterproof varieties in your spaces.

Resistance to climate changes

The most significant benefit of waterproof plywood is its resistance to extreme monsoons. Ordinary plywood can imbibe moisture and swell up, which reduces its strength and integrity. Doors and cupboards get jammed in rainy conditions due to this very reason. Waterproof plywood is designed to not change dimensions with the amount of water it comes in contact with.

Resins are added to plywood to make it waterproof. The hydrophobic property that it inevitably adds to the plywood is responsible for keeping weakening agents at bay. Waterproof plywood is also resistant to termite attacks which can undermine its integrity and reduce lifespans.


Waterproof plywood is well-known for its strength and durability.  With incredible adaptability to different conditions, waterproof plywood enjoys a long and healthy lifespan. They hold their integrity for longer durations than other plywood, which makes them suitable for building structures.

Waterproof plywood finds applications in the kitchen due to its endurance to temperatures and moisture. Frequent cleaning and spills do not harm its quality. Cabinets are often built using waterproof varieties to reduce the possibilities of frequent replacement of materials and bring out a rustic look to the kitchen, which is very trendy right now.

Compatibility with laminates and veneers

Waterproof plywood is famous for its compatibility with all forms of external finishes. This transforms the purpose of plywood from simple utilitarian applications to a medium of expression of art in spaces. With thousands of styles to choose from, the product has the best variations to draw in customers.

Laminates decide the finish of the plywood, which can range from gloss to simple matt. It can play with patterns and textures, allowing excellent design room. Veneers are thin pieces of decorative wood that form the outer layer of plywood. These, too, are available in many forms in patterns that aren’t viable with a complete block of wood. Waterproof plywood makes these options possible.

How can you decide on the best waterproof plywood option?

With hundreds of variations available in the market, it becomes tricky to pick an option for Waterproof Plywood. The choice depends on your budget, requirements, and vision. The following should be kept in mind when shopping for waterproof plywood:

  • The thickness of the sheet and its compatibility with the application you have in mind.
  • Style quotient, which suits the aesthetic appeal of the space it becomes a part of.
  • The quality should be certified by dealers to ensure a long and healthy lifespan.
  • Viability with the budget, especially when bought in bulk for multiple installations.

The waterproof plywood suited to your needs is best chosen with expert opinions. Consultations with good plywood companies make you aware of your options and help you decide on the type and design.


Waterproof plywood is incredibly advantageous for various applications. It has many benefits, the most crucial being resistance to all forms of moisture. The plywood is compatible with external coverings like laminates and veneers, which make it immensely popular in today’s plywood market.

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