Why Do Women Prefer the Georgette Saree Over Other Sarees?

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Georgette sarees are a statement of elegance and fashion. Over the years, this saree has made its way to the hearts and wardrobes of fashionistas for all the right reasons. As a stylish, soft, and cozy saree, it has become the drape of choice for all occasions. Whether it is a party or a regular day at the office, a georgette saree can ensure a striking look at all times.  

Designer Georgette saree is a must-have for your saree wardrobe. Their beauty, variety, and versatility make them an ideal choice for women of all ages. You can experiment a lot by draping this saree in various styles, such as dhoti, mermaid, belt, and the traditional style, to name just a few. So, go ahead and start adding georgette sarees to your collection.

Let’s look at what makes georgette sarees a preferred choice for women.

Distinct Features of the Georgette Sarees

When it comes to georgette sarees, certain features set them apart from other sarees. Here are some of the major characteristics of a saree:

Crinkled Texture

The georgette fabric has a wrinkled appearance, which is its signature texture. Compared to chiffon, silk, and satin, georgette sarees have a slightly dull look. But this lack of sheen favors georgette sarees as it helps the pastel hues and delicate colors to come through.

Translucent and Durable

As a translucent sheer fabric, georgette is slightly heavier and less transparent than chiffon. Georgette sarees are a lot sturdier and more durable than chiffon. As such, they can stand up to regular use better than chiffon sarees.

Impressive Drape

Georgette sarees offer a nice drape and volume. They layer quite well when wrapped, which results in graceful saree pleats and an eye-catching effect. These sarees are also easy to carry 

and handle compared to specific variants of silk sarees, such as organza, dupion, raw silk, etc.

Types of Georgette Saree

One of the reasons for the popularity of georgette sarees is their variety. Whether you want a simple yet stylish saree for everyday wear or a heavily embellished saree for special occasions, you can easily find your match in georgette sarees.

Some of the popular types of georgette sarees are as follows:

Banarasi Georgette Saree

Banarasi sarees are a celebration of intricate designs and exquisite crafts. A Banarasi georgette saree adds a contemporary touch to this combination. It is ideal for you when you want something as stunning as a Banarasi in a lighter form. 

Embroidered Georgette Saree

Embroidered sarees exude a lovely vintage vibe. Embroidery on a georgette saree results in a classy enticing look. Whether you want to flaunt an ethnic or contemporary style, you can’t go wrong with this drape. 

Chikankari Georgette Saree

The delicacy of Chikankari work and the comfort of lightweight fabric come together in this georgette saree. They are lovely sarees, mostly designed in pastel shades to elevate the beauty of the Chikankari work. Team up a Chikankari georgette saree with chandelier earrings and a pendant-chain combination on the neck to make heads turn.

Embellished Georgette Saree

As the name indicates, these georgette sarees have an embellished look. The sarees feature exquisite designs embellished with stones, sequins, and other works. They are perfect to be worn to parties and special occasions.

Lightweight Fabric

Georgette sarees are lightweight and flowy. Traditional georgette sarees are woven out of pure silk yarns, which makes them fairly breathable. While linen, cotton, and satin sarees are also lightweight and breathable. These sarees offer a certain amount of bounce, which turns them into delightful drapes. 

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