10 Most Popular Pac-Man Games of All Time

Pac-Man Games

As we take a look back at some of the most memorable Pac-Man games, it’s time for a power pill and to eat some ghosts.

Your opinion on which Pac-Man game is your favorite? I hope you find this list agreeable.

Let’s get to it!

1. Baby Pac-Man, Arcade, 1982

Baby Pac-Man is one of the most unique titles on the list of best Pac-Man arcade games. As you can see, it’s not your average arcade game.

Baby Pac-Man combines the best of both video games and pinball machines. Players start in a familiar maze that appears on the screen. However, there are a few differences in how they play. First, there are no power pellets. Second, the maze has two escape tunnels that lead downwards.

Heading down these tunnels activates pinball. You then play the game to earn power pellets and return to the maze.

Because of its hybrid nature, the game was never portable to home consoles. Pinball tables also face the same problems as any other pinball table, i.e. Regular maintenance of the machine’s physical elements was necessary. This made it extremely rare to find the game in working order in arcades.

2. Pac-Man 99 (Switch, 2021)

These games were so successful that other publishers tried to adapt the Battle Royale strategies to other genres. A similar game with Pac-Man was created for the Switch by the success of Tetris99 – a competitive Tetris that can be played for up to 99 players.

It is addictive, both nostalgically and entirely new. It is an excellent combination of familiar elements with a very exciting competitive edge. The best part is that it’s completely free to play for Nintendo Switch Online members!

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3. Pac-Man Battle Royale (Arcade, 2010)

Despite its name, this is not a Battle Royale video game. Pac-Man 99, however, is a battle royale genre. ).

You’ll see that most arcades at the seaside are empty shells now. They’re full of ticket-dispensing games and scam claw machines.

There are some reminders of the glory days of arcade heydays, but the Pac-Man Battle Royale four-player Pac-Man game is an eye-catching game that has to be played.

It’s based on the classic Pac-Man strategy. But you don’t have to worry only about ghosts. Other players are different colored Pac-Men trying to eat Pac-Man! Play the last Pac-Man standing to win the round. Win five rounds and you’ll win the game.

Pac-Man Battle Royale is an audiovisual experience that has a similar aesthetic to the neon-and-EDM Pac-Man Championship Edition. It’s addicting and intensely competitive. However, after playing it a few times, it becomes a very enjoyable game.

It is now available on all current platforms, thanks to Pac-Man Museum Plus. It is well worth gathering your friends together!

4. Pac-Land (Arcade, 1984)

Bubble Bobble’s classic arcade game music is unbeatable, according to me. Pac-Land’s infectious, catchy theme song is my only competition.

The sideways scrolling platformer Pac-Land, the first game in the Pac-Man Series, offers more than its catchy music. Pac-Land is a colorful and addictive adventure beyond the typical dark mazes.

These cartoony, beautiful visuals were made to look like the Hanna-Barbera Pac-Man animation series. They’ve held up surprisingly well.

Pac-Land was portable to most 8-bit/16-bit computers back in the day. It also helped pave the path for many 80s platformers such as Wonder Boy and Alex Kidd.

5. Pac-Man World (PS1,1999)

Pac-Man World was the first 3D platform video game featuring Namco’s yellow protagonist.

This 3D game was released in time for Pac-Man’s anniversary. The nostalgic title even makes Pac-Man’s birthday an integral part of the story.

Pac-Man World also cleverly employs sound effects of the original game. Additionally, mechanics such as eating dots and power pellets make an appearance.

The appeal is further enhanced by the inclusion of cameos featuring characters from other Namco titles; you can also play the first Pac-Man video via the main menu and all-new Pac-Man World mazes!

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6. Ms. Pac-Man (Arcade, 1982)

Strangely, Ms. Pac-Man didn’t actually follow the original Pac-Man. Instead, it was a totally different called game, Crazy Otto.

This was originally designed as a Pac-Man cabinet conversion kit by General Computer Corporation. Due to previous legal issues, Crazy Otto had to be presented to Midway North America, the North American distributor.

Midway worked with Namco’s then-president in order to transform the game into MS Pac-Man. And the rest is history. Ms. Pac-Man had different layouts and colors than the first Pac-Man, as well as moving bonus fruit, new movement patterns, and different color schemes.

7. Pac-Man Vs. GameCube (GameCube), 2003

Pac-Man VS, the genius creation of Mario creator Shigeru Miyamoto is a genius idea that was made possible by GameCube and GBA connectivity.

One player connects the Game Boy Advance via a link cable to the GameCube to play an easy game of Pac-Man. It’s possible to play as ghosts to catch the yellow guy up to three times.

Further twist: The ghosts can only see part of the maze when they play so working together to trap Pac-Man is essential.

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