A Look at 5 Exclusive Designs Where Interior Designers Used Veneers Beautifully.

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Veneers are a great option when it comes to making aesthetic and stylish furniture out of ordinary pieces. There are many great ways to design veneers that look the best when designed with a particular theme in mind. 

In this article, we will be looking at 5 designs that you can try out with your furniture and make your home even more aesthetically pleasing! Here are some pieces of furniture that can be designed with veneers to make them look even more exquisite.


Cabinets made with veneers have a different touch altogether. Veneers are essentially made by peeling tree bark from timbers. Hence, you can use the wood-like structure of the veneers to create an aesthetic. With shades of brown and white aligned systematically, you can create a beautiful kitchen cabinet set.

You can also make cabinets for your bedroom in a similar manner. Even if your bedroom has a different color scheme, it is very easy to paint these veneers and match them to the surroundings. You can combine various layers to make a sturdy cabinet top while still keeping the finishing to the point.

Media consoles:

Media consoles are an essential part of the living room. While some prefer simple setups, others like elaborate shelves and separated compartments to give off an exquisite impression.

If you prefer a simple setup, you can simply apply a veneer layer to give it a rustic look. If you wish to, you can add internal cabinets and add a glass so that you can access the cabinets. You can customize this look as per your liking or go with the simple texture and look of the veneer’s natural appearance. 

If you like elaborate setups, you can add multiple compartments for speakers or a home theatre system. People who like Xboxes can have a compartment for the Xbox and use veneers to create a convenient setup for operation. You can then customize the color schemes and décor as per your liking by adding a vase or photo frames. This way your media console will compliment your living room theme. 


You can use various types of veneer sheets like wood veneers or laminates. Since the material is very versatile in its uses, it is easier to customize your wardrobes creatively. There is a lot of scope for creativity in wardrobes.

One such design idea that is used by many people in their way is doors. You can add layers of veneers and make different types of doors for your wardrobes. From folding doors to sliding doors, you can choose your style. Once you have a style, you can decide on the color scheme. Usually, people like to go with the natural rustic brown or add some gloss to the natural texture to make it look exquisite.

You can also go for a matte black theme by painting your veneer black. This way, you will be able to preserve the natural texture and feel of the wood while going for a rich black color scheme. 

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There are a lot of ways one can design their normal sofa sets into beautiful pieces of art with veneers. If you are planning to go for a very elaborate set with sofa and sofa chairs, veneers will also be economically viable. 

You can add a differently textured veneer painted in a way that complements your room aesthetic. A classic brown and a combination of veneers based on your cushioning is also a great choice. You can make a concrete sofa design or go for an expandable one. Veneers will be useful anywhere. 


Most people like adding a coffee table in front of their sofas to complete the set. You can add a veneer layer on top to give the table a natural rustic wood look. The tables look beautiful when they complement the sofa set and the general aesthetic of the room.

So, you can design your table according to that. However, the classic wood textured tables go with most of the styles involving various colors.


These were a few design ideas related to various pieces of furniture. You can use these in your house and make your home even more beautiful with veneer texture and color ideas!

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