INDmoney vs Vested: How To Invest in US Stocks from India

INDmoney vs Vested

Indian traders have been showing interest in financial markets highly lately. The volume of trade in the stock market from the country has been increasing tremendously. 

Therefore, we have a blog comparing the top two apps, INDmoney vs Vested. Traders can understand their services and find the most suitable one for them. So, let’s begin with INDmoney vs Vested, a brief guide to stock trading apps. 

What is INDmoney?

INDmoney is a super finance app. It helps traders to save, plan and invest across the family members of the client. All these features are in one mobile app which makes trading easier. 

The app was launched in 2019 and it has more than 5 million users. The innovative features of the platform like US Stock investing, Neo Banking, Deposits, and financial life tracking and management are available.

INDmoney is working with the motive of improving the financial future. Besides, helps traders save and plan to earn more. It wants to be a one-stop shop for all financial needs. 

What is Vested?

Vested is a mobile application with the best options for Indians to invest. It is a foreign stock investment platform. The platform is registered with the SEC and is an investment adviser. 

It enables traders to invest in US stocks. The app is provided by Vested Finance Inc. and was started in 2018 by three South Asian students at UC Berkeley. The app claims to be the first online brokerage allowing Indians to make commission-free investments in US equities. 

INDmoney vs Vested

INDmoney and vested are two applications serving Indians to trade in US stocks. However, the two are not the same. They are entirely distinct mobile apps with some similarities. 

The two allow traders hassle-free investment in international stocks. But to understand what makes them different we’ll be focusing on the features they possess. 

Below is a comparison of the features INDmoney and Vested have to offer clients the best services. 

INDmoney Features

The features of INDmoney are many to support Indian clients. The app is backed by reputed foreign institutional investors of Tiger Global, Sixteenth Street Capital, Steadview Capital, and Dragoneer. 

These support the app to offer the best in the market. Following are the features traders can enjoy at INDmoney: 

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Super Saver Account

Indian traders who invest in US stocks can use the account. It makes trading online simple with beneficial services like zero fund transfer fees, zero account opening fees, zero balance, and the best exchange rates. 

Super Money App

INDmoney’s super money app automatically tracks the money of clients. It manages all the money of clients across various investments, loans, and taxes with the expenses in one place. 

Mutual Fund Investment

INDmoney has zero-commission mutual funds for traders. They can invest in commission-free mutual funds and have direct plan mutual funds to trade online. Also, there is an investment calculator feature available for mutual fund traders. 

They can plan their investment using the IND calculator. It helps traders choose the best investment solution that fits the trader. 

Other than these traders can have the following features: 

  • Life and health insurance 
  • IPO center
  • Advanced reports
  • Investment advisory 

Vested Features 

Vested provides traders with the best investment features. They can use them for effortless US stock trading and other investments available online. Here are the features: 

Zero Commission

Vested does not charge any trading commission for investment in US stocks. It is a useful activity for traders with sporadic activity and regular traders. In long-term trading, it is a profitable feature. 

Investment Options

Vested provides more than 1500 different US equities and exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Traders can access them via vested and trade online. Also, traders can pay an additional $3 per portfolio to acquire the selected investment profiles. These are exclusive to vested known as vests. 

Besides, there is a premium plan where traders can get 9 vests for free. 

Fractional Shares

Traders can buy parts or fractions of shares at Vested. Beginners can take advantage of the feature and can begin small. It is profitable as many US stocks are expensive. 

Other than these features, traders can enjoy the following features at vested:

  • Insured US trading account 
  • Pre-built portfolios 
  • Low fees and pricing 


INDmoney vs Vested is two significant apps for Indian traders. They can use them for different purposes. INDmoney is a super finance app with a save app, plan, and easy investment. 

Vested is a mobile application that allows foreign stock investment for Indian traders. It also has some unique features like mutual fund investment, zero commission, and investment options. 

Both have their features and benefits, and traders can choose the suitable app for their international investments. 

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