Abhyanga Ayurvedic Massage in Sydney- A Detailed Guide

Abhyanga Ayurvedic Massage

Ayurveda in Parramatta refers to the science of Life. It is a blueprint and knowledgeable guide to achieving a completely balanced state of body, mind, and spirit. All of the treatments, lifestyle and dietary recommendations form the basis of Ayurveda in Parramatta and are entirely customized as per the physical constitution of the person. 

Dinacharya or the Daily Routine

Ayurveda in Parramatta highly recommends practicing a daily routine, also known by the name of Dinacharya for maintaining a clear mind along with a youthful body. Abhyanga, one of the most popular Ayurvedic Massages in Sydney is an integral part of this daily routine. This is a form of Ayurvedic self-care that involves massaging the body with dosha-specific warm herb-infused oils. 

For specific conditions, the oil is usually pre-mixed with herbs. This Ayurvedic Massage in Sydney is a part of the Dinacharya specified by the Laghutrayi and Brhat Trayi series of Ayurvedic textbooks to maintain good health and well-being. 

Practitioners of Ayurveda in Parramatta know that Abhyanga nourishes the dhatus, i.e., tissues of the body, aids in joint health, and brings back aggravated doshas to balance. Abhyanga massage also improves the condition of dry, coarse hair and flaky skin. 

One can perform this massage as part of the steps of Panchakarma Therapy, the well-known Ayurvedic rejuvenation, and detoxification treatment, especially in the primary stage: Purva Karma (pre-treatment). 

Abhyanga massage is often followed by a warm bath or Swedana therapy (sweating). You can perform either by yourself or you can employ one or more therapists who will work in synchronization to give you a memorable massage. 

The good ones of Abhyanga Massage

As prescribed in the Laghutrayi and Brhtatrayi texts, the Abhyanga is a robust massage that is designed to remove ama accumulations(toxins) through the skin, open up the minor Srotas, melt kleshma(fat secretions that block the strotas), and also cleans and moisturizes the skin. 

Abhyanga can also be used to soothe a Vata imbalance, which will not only provide deep relaxation to the body but also your mind will feel relaxed. This Ayurvedic Massage in Sydney stimulates our internal organs, nourishes and strengthens the body, and can also significantly reduce Vata. 

The oils of Abhyanga Massage

The oils used can vary depending on the individual’s constitution and season. Make sure that the oil you are using is still fresh and not rancid. Place about ¼-1/2 cup of the oil in a bowl. 

For Vata, we recommend you to use warm sesame oil, for Pitta, warm coconut oil, and for Kapha, warm mustard oil.  

Never heat the oil directly. Rather, place the bowl of oil in a pan of hot water until the oil is presently warm to the touch. After this, all you need to do is to drizzle the oil over your entire body. Simply rub the warm oil over your entire body. Besides preventing headaches, premature greying of the hair, baldness, and a receding hairline, a gentle, daily oil Ayurvedic Massage in Sydney encourages happiness. 

What’s more? Oiling your feet will help to keep the skin soft and also help induce sound sleep. 

The steps involved in Abhyanga Massage

Massage the oil all over your body, starting from the extremities and then gradually working towards the middle portion of your body. For the limbs, you can use long strokes and for the joints, you can use circular strokes. For the chest and abdomen, you can massage in broad, circular, clockwise motions. 

When you are massaging the abdomen, always follow the path of the large intestine, moving up on the right side of the stomach, then across, and then finally down on the left side. 

You need to massage your body for about 10-15 minutes while practicing the technique with love and patience. 

You can devote a little extra time and attention to massaging the oil into your ears, scalp, and feet. Performing this massage once a week is more than enough. 

Here, you should keep in mind that any oil that is applied to the head should be warm to the touch but never boiling hot. 

Once you have finished your Abyanga, one of the most popular Ayurvedic Massage in Sydney, you can enjoy a warm bath or shower. But make sure that you do not remove the oil altogether from your skin. Once you have finished your bath or shower, you should have a thin film of oil remaining on the skin, and the skin will absorb that. 

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  1. […] Also check about – Abhyanga Ayurvedic Massage in Sydney- A Detailed Guide […]

  2. […] Also check about – Abhyanga Ayurvedic Massage in Sydney- A Detailed Guide […]

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