Beginners Guide For Tadiandamol Trek

Beginners Guide For Tadiandamol Trek


Residents of Karnataka may be familiarized with the “Tadiandamol” trekking paradise. The highest peak in the Coorg area is Tadiandamol. The soft slopes and lush turfs, which rise to 1,748m, entice you with their tranquility and scenic beauty. The Padi Igguthappa Temple is one of the most attractive features of this area. It is the most important deity in the region Kodavas.

Tadiandamol is the highest peak of Madikeri Taluk in the Kodagu region. It is third in the list of highest peaks, after Kudremuka and Mullayanagiri. The mountain is located in the western range of the ghats. It is surrounded in the valleys by shola trees. Nalanda (meaning “4 villages”) is perched at the foot of the hill. It is highly valued as an important historical marker. Tandiandamol welcomes tourists to enjoy climbing and be nature lovers. It takes one day to hike from one end to the other, but it is banned since December 2016. Tadiandamol is literally “Tallest mountain” and “Broad Hill”.


To reach Tandiandamol, you will need to travel 8 km if you are starting from Kakkabe. You can travel 35km if you start from Madikeri.

Although you can hire a vehicle for Tadiandamol to travel the entire distance, it is not as easy to walk up to the summit. The climb is difficult and strenuous. However, once you reach the top, it’s well worth it.

Bangaloreans can travel 260km here. A flight to Kannur International Airport, 90 km from Bangalore, is also possible. You can also take public transportation in Napoklu (20 km) if you are a budget traveler. To reach Nalaknad palace where the trek begins, you can rent jeeps.


You can stay at the Nalknad Palace if you are looking for somewhere to stay during your Tadiandamol trek. It is decent enough to spend a night there. Dodda Virajendra built the palace in 1792. It has a two-story structure that is safe for tourists. You can walk up the steep path from the palace to reach the top of the hill if you stay at the palace in the morning. You can visit Padi Igguthappa while you’re here. It is located a few kilometers from the palace. This temple is considered the most sacred in the area. It looks pristine because of the celestial and pure forests surrounding it.

Homestays are also an option. You can also stay at the Palace estate and King’s Cottage, both located at the foot of the hill. The Tamara Coorg is a luxurious resort located near Tadiandamol. There are many other homestays and hotels within the Kodagu region.

Tadiandamol is the perfect place for relaxation and unwinding. This is not only for naturalists who enjoy sitting on quiet hills and admiring the architecture. Adventurers can climb to the highest point of the hill, making it a memorable day. It is recommended that trekkers climb the mountain in winter. The trek is approximately 30km from Virajpet. You can come down to this place with your partner or for a relaxing getaway for your family away from the routine.

Things to Carry

It is important to pack only the essentials and not too much.

  1. If you have any medication
  2. A sturdy backpack is a must, especially if it’s waterproof.
  3. Two days’ worth of clothes
  4. Toiletries
  5. Mosquito repellent cream
  6. Water bottles of 2 liters capacity are ideal to carry
  7. For emergencies, batteries or power banks
  8. For replenishing sugar during the trek, grab energy bars, snacks, and drinks
  9. Sunscreen and sunglasses
  10. Great pictures with a camera
  11. For the climb, you will need sturdy and flexible shoes


Trekkers love Tandiandamol and often visit this place just to do it. It is a wonderful club, and south India loves it for its love of trekking. This trek is unique because it takes place in the Bhagamandala Range forest’s Brahmagiri Wildlife sanctuary. It’s hard to find a better way than climbing while admiring the vast natural beauty of nature. The trek takes you through the shola forests and crosses silent streams. It also includes walking on lush green grasslands. This trek is 7km long and easy for beginners. Trekkers are advised to return at sunset, even though trekking is not permitted.

This is it! This is all you need to know about Tadiandamol Trek. Until next time.

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