Bike Maintenance Guide: Tips to Keep Your Bike Running Like New

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Bike maintenance is vital to ensure your bike runs smoothly and offers comfort whenever you take a ride. However, everyone knows that all bikes have a limited lifespan. But, by maintaining your bike well, you can enhance the life of your bike and keep it running like new. 

Over the years, bikes lose their usual sheen, and certain vehicle parts also need repair and maintenance. But the question is, how can we enhance the lifespan of a bike through maintenance? Yes, that is possible if proper care is taken before, on, and after the journey. Bikers need to keep a close eye parts of the bike for their functionality and change in the performance level, if any. 

6 Essential Tips for Bike Maintenance 

You can follow some bike maintenance measures and keep your bike in good condition for years to come.

Clean and Lubricate Regularly

One of the most basic aspects of keeping your bike well-maintained is cleaning and lubricating the bike well. Extreme climatic conditions, dirt off the road, and dust can cause corrosion to important parts of the bike. Thus, regularly cleaning your bike is important to maintain its lustre. 

You can use a mild-base detergent with water and quickly wash your bike to ensure all the unnecessary debris accumulated over time gets removed from the chain, breaks, and gears. After the clean-up, you can apply a premium-quality lubricant to avoid your bike getting affected by rust and other chemical reactions.

Maintain the Tyres Well

Tyres play a vital role in any bike as much as the bike’s existence is considered useful. So, maintaining the tyres is essential to the bike and biker safety. Hence, it is recommended that you use a reliable gauge to keep checking the bike’s tyre pressure and adjust it to the levels recommended by the manufacturer. 

If you are on a long journey or off-roading, you can use a portable foot pump to check the pressure of the tyres and adjust it to suit your preference keeping the limits in mind. Keeping the tyre pressure optimum is suggested considering the terrain and the luggage or weight your bike carries regularly.

Inspect the Brake System Regularly

Keeping in mind the biker and bike safety, maintenance of the brake system is again the most crucial aspect of bike maintenance. Hence, you should keep testing the brake pads regularly. Ensure that all the brake cables are tuned correctly for a smooth and prompt application with the least friction. It ensures that the bike and the biker are safe in volatile conditions. Also, if you plan to take long journeys, it is always worthwhile to check the brakes well before you take the journey and undertake repairs, if necessary.

Maintain the Suspension System

As the suspension system of a bike is responsible for absorbing shocks and vibrations from the road, one can only imagine its importance for a smooth and safe ride back home. So, it is important to regularly test the suspension system and shock absorbers to remove dirt or debris that might have buildup over time. You should also check for leaks, damages, or loose elements like screws and nut bolts of the bike and get them fixed in time. You should follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for suspension system maintenance.

Check the Electric System Regularly

Bikes have hi-tech electric systems that care for the bike’s indicators and other electronic controls. Thus, the electric system installed in your bike acts like glue, fine-tuning all functions of various components. Bike users are supposed to keep checking and ensuring that all the electric components are clean, well-connected, and functioning properly. Also, the bike’s battery must be taken care of by testing and checking it regularly through a professional. 

Maintain the Other Essentials

A bike has other essential components, including light indicators, clutch, and gears. Thus, before you take a journey, ensure all these components work properly. For a safe journey, especially at night, you must have a bike well-equipped with dipped and high-light beams and smoothly functioning rear and brake lights. The bike’s rearview mirror must be angled appropriately for a clear view and kept clean of the dirt accumulating over time. 

To ensure a memorable and safe biking experience, purchase a new BMW bike with all the security features mentioned above. Also, BMW has a widespread network of service centres you can contact whenever you require assistance or professional help concerning your bike.


So, it is pretty clear that there is no escaping bike maintenance for a smooth bike riding experience. However, you can reduce the hassle of frequent maintenance by purchasing a bike already equipped with hi-tech features requiring lesser checks and maintenance. So, what is better than a BMW G310 GS bike? 

With its aqua cool single-cylinder system, the bike offers a 313 cc capacity, 28 Nm maximum torque, 11.5-litre fuel tank capacity, and 3.3-litre mileage per 100 km. The engine starts with a harmonic sound, and the bike has a robust striking design that will suit any individual’s style. Thus, maintaining your bike well will surely take you miles and ensure you keep having memorable biking experiences.

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