Protecting Lives: 7 Ways Fire-retardant Plywood Helps Delay Fire and Provide Escape Time

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Wooden furniture is beautiful and adds elegance to your home. However, fire accidents are always a matter of concern for your home and wooden furniture. Wood is prone to fire and catches fire easily, thus, spreading the fire at an increased rate. However, if you buy plywood sheets from CenturyPly, you don’t need to worry about fire accidents.

Why is this so? It is because CenturyPly’s plywood boards are manufactured with fire-retardant technology to prevent the spread of fire. Moreover, you don’t even have to pay extra for this technology. During unforeseen events of fire, fire-retardant technology stops the spread of fire, and if the source is removed, it will put out the fire by itself. It is only the single property of fire-retardant technology. 

7 Ways Fire-retardant Plywood Helps Delay Fire

Here are a few ways fire-retardant delays fire and give time for the rescue operation: 

Slow Penetration of Fire 

In fire accidents, the spread of fire must be reduced, or it might lead to damage to human lives and property. The firewall technology of CenturyPly resists the penetration of fire, giving you and your family time to reach a safe spot. 

Low Flammability 

Flammability refers to the time a plywood takes to catch fire. The lower the flammability, the lower will be the damages caused by it. The low flammability of fire-retardant technology helps to resist the spread of fire. 

Low Smoke Generation 

During fire accidents, the generation of smoke may lead to suffocation, making the process of evacuation difficult. However, the innovative technology of CenturyPly resists the smoke generation or toxic gases that are harmful to every individual. It ensures the safety of you and your family members by giving enough time for the process of evacuation. 

Time to Escape in Unforeseen Events 

A major issue related to fire accidents is the time to escape. This determines how worse the accidents will be. Your wooden furniture will catch fire quickly, thus not giving you the time to leave the place. To deal with such challenges, CenturyPly’s fire-retardant technology delays the spread of fire on its surface. 

According to estimation, it will take approximately 50 minutes for the fire to reach the core of the wood. This will give you ample time to collect your valuables and belongings before leaving the place. 

No Flaking 

If you are worried that putting water on fire to extinguish fire will damage your plywood, you don’t need to worry. Any plywood boards infused with firewall technology do not absorb the water from the atmosphere, even when you put water on them. Since it does not absorb water from the atmosphere, there is no chance for your plyboard sheets to get damaged or flakey. 

Once the fire extinguishes, your furniture will be safe from any damage and will continue to provide physical strength for several years. 

Non-Engineered Particles 

The non-engineered particles present in fire-retardant technology resist ignition and ensure enhanced fire-resistance properties. This gives you enough time to come out of your house. 

Waterproof and Weather-resistant 

When you purchase plyboards with CenturyPly, fire-retardant technology is not the only benefit that customers get. As already mentioned earlier, your plywood will be safe from moisture and water and won’t be damaged due to it. Moreover, it is designed to tolerate extreme weather conditions. 

In a Nutshell 

The primary purpose of making a house is to provide a comfortable and safe place for your family and yourself. So, your house must have the capacity to deal with unforeseen events of fire accidents. The firewall technology is a great way to make your house a safe place for your family members. So, what are you waiting for? Get CenturyPly’s plywood sheets infused with fire-retardant technology to give your house a cliché look without compromising its safety. Visit the official website of CenturyPly to know more about the fire-retardant technology of CenturyPly. 

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