Sports Bikes: A Introduction to the World of Speed

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Sports bikes are variants of two-wheeled motorbikes specifically designed to maximise the vehicle’s speed. They are called sports bikes because they can be used in sports racing, but they are mostly used by riders who want to experience the thrill and adrenaline of going fast. 

Sports bikes have aerodynamic designs, powerful engines, high footpegs, and fairings to accommodate this requirement for immense speed. All sports bikes are designed with drag and air resistance in mind, and these modifications make them extremely appealing visually. Please continue reading this article to learn more about the different types of sports bikes.

Types of Sports Bikes

Here are the main categories that can be used to classify sports bikes;

Lightweight Sports Bikes

As their name implies, lightweight sports bikes are lighter than other sports bikes, typically under 200 kg. They are affordable to purchase and maintain and are much more fuel efficient than other options. They are equipped with standard engines compared to regular sports bikes but are well worth it for their fuel efficiency and performance in regular use. 

While they are classified as sports bikes, they do not perform well in professional racing but are more suited for daily usage in urban areas. Lightweight sports bikes allow riders to enjoy the thrill of speed without spending too much time and money on maintenance and fuel.


Professional racers use superbikes, the most common type of bike seen at professional racing tournaments. They can reach very high-speed levels but simultaneously maintain control of handling and maneuverability. They are specifically designed to complete lap circuits around the race track and can keep up their high speeds for the duration of the race, but they might require refueling midway through it.

Super Sports Bikes

Super sports bikes are balanced sports bikes that perfectly fuse the style and aesthetics of lightweight sports bikes with the power of hyper sports bikes. They usually feature an incredibly high power-to-weight ratio, and their engines are more powerful than those on lightweight sports bikes but not as powerful as hyper sports bikes. Super sports bikes are perfect for riders who want a powerful bike without sacrificing agility.

Hyper Sports Bikes

Hyper sports bikes are the most powerful sports bikes prioritising speed over functionality. They can output a large amount of power and can be easily distinguished from other types of sports bikes by their large engines. They are perfect for the most adventurous riders, who only want to reach the highest speeds possible without caring for other factors.

Examples of Sports Bikes

These are some examples of premium sports bikes available in India:

BMW F 900 XR

This BMW sports bike starts from Rs. 12 Lakh in India. It is powered by an 895 cc BS6 engine that produces 105 PS at 8,500 rpm and 92 Nm of torque. This bike has a reported mileage of 14 – 16 km. It can accelerate from 0 to 100 kmph in just 3.6 seconds and has a top speed of over 200 kmph.

Ducati SuperSport 950

The Ducati SuperSport 950 is a sports bike with a price range of Rs. 15.75 Lakh – Rs. 18.39 Lakh in India. It is powered by a 937 cc BS6 engine that produces 110.1 PS at 9,000 rpm and has a reported mileage of 17 km. This dynamic and elegant sports bike can adapt to roads and riding conditions of all types, from racing tracks to city streets.

Kawasaki Ninja 1000 SX

The Kawasaki Ninja 1000 SX is a sports bike with a price range of Rs. 11.29 Lakh – Rs. 11.54 Lakh in India. It is powered by a 1043 cc BS6 engine that produces 140.13 bhp at 10,000 rpm and has a reported mileage of 17 – 19 km. Ride this bike to experience the Kawasaki spirit with its superb traction control and bi-directional quick-shifter.


Sports bikes are perfect for riders who just want to feel the wind blowing on their faces at high speeds. Riding a sports bike at high speeds is exhilarating, providing riders with freedom and independence that very few activities can provide. They are amazing pieces of technology that reflect the human spirit, ingenuity, and the primal urge to go as fast as possible. 

However, while it is tempting to ride at extremely high speeds without a care in the world, it is important to keep in mind the safety of one’s self and others on the road and to follow traffic rules responsibly.

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