Stay Waterproof With SAINIK 710

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A kitchen is a place where water is mostly flowing as cooking requires it. Consequently, this is the place that requires proper care. To achieve that, CenturyPly has introduced Sainik 710 plywood, whose main specialty is its water resistance. 

CenturyPly is known to offer great techniques and technologies to create its plywood which contributes to the beauty and betterment of your home. They are known to be so versatile in their plywood as every piece is so well crafted and designed to withstand any impact or pressure. 

With Sainik 710, you do not have to worry about utilizing water in the midst of this plywood as they are made to sustain regardless of any impact. So, you can use them to make your kitchen spaces more convenient. 

Let us understand what it means first. 

What is Sainik 710 Plywood?

Launched by CenturyPly, this type of plywood is exceptionally versatile as it offers many features in it that will make your kitchen not only beautiful but also very convenient. This plywood can be applied anywhere, whether that be cabinets or countertops. 

On top of that, varied designs are also provided to the customers, so they have a lot to choose from. This article will deal with all of the qualities of this type of plywood if you aim to buy the same product for your kitchen and its betterment. 

Listed below are some of the qualities and benefits of this waterproof plywood that you get to enjoy! 

Read on and get to know all the details required before buying the same product. 

Qualities of Sainik 710 Plywood  

The Sainik 710 Plywood by CenturyPly is extremely commendable and should be applauded for the varied benefits it seems to provide to its users. It remains beautiful and saves your kitchen from being ruined by water. 

It is a great deal to buy it as it provides the customer with many facilities all in one. Read ahead to know about this type of plywood. 


The most important and significant feature of this plywood is that it is waterproof. To describe it in further detail, it is boiling waterproof. This is only provided to you after many tests under which it is forced to go through the impact of boiling water. 

If it fails, it is at once eliminated from being a Sainik 710 Plywood. It is very robust in nature. It is an ideal choice for kitchens as they have a constant water flow and need to have the kind of plywood that is waterproof. 

Termite/Borer resistant 

When it was mentioned that this plywood is versatile in nature, it was not a lie as this offers many features in one product. It is termite resistant and, thus, does not foster any pest that affects furniture. 

It is completely safe in that regard and promises to last a very long period of time. 

8 Year warranty

Another great feature of this plywood is that it comes with an eight-year warranty, and if any damage may come it’s way within the 8 years, you have all the right to approach CenturyPly. They will definitely help you fix any problem that you may face in the context of this plywood. 

This marks another great reason for getting this product!


Sainik 710 waterproof plywood is a great option if you are planning to buy plywood for your kitchen. It will bring glamour to your home with efficiency. It will make the furniture and aura of your kitchen speak out, and that too, without any worries of getting the plywood ruined by water or any other danger, as it is very versatile. 

So go to CenturyPly’s website and check it out yourself! 

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