The Beauty & Safety of Fire-Retardant Materials in your Home

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Building your dream home requires a lot of planning, from design to every material. But, do you consider the safety of the house? How prepared is your dream house in the event of a fire? Fire safety is one of the important aspects to consider when you are building your dream house. However, it often gets overlooked.

According to an estimation, more than eleven thousand fire incidents happen annually in India. These numbers are scary. It is important to prevent such mishappenings. This is why CenturyPly has introduced an improved version of Firewall Technology in their plywood.

Read the article to discover more about Firewall Technology. 

What is the CenturyPly Firewall Technology?

In an incident of a fire, normal plyboard sheets catch fire easily, and the flames spread all over the house in just a few minutes. It destroys property and human lives and forces many families into a state of trauma and emotional devastation. 

This destruction could be prevented by firewall technology. Plywood manufactured with firewall technology is fire resistant and does not allow a fire to spread quickly. Thus, it also allows rescue operations to take place without any disturbances. 

Why is CenturyPly Firewall the Best Option for Your Safety?

This technology has been developed through years of research and improvements. It offers homeowners many benefits, making it the best plywood available in the country. Let’s look at some benefits of plywood sheets infused with firewall technology.

Lower Smoke Generation

In case of fire, toxic gases and smoke are generated, which are harmful to your overall health. This is why CenturyPly’s firewall technology-induced Plywood for Home is designed in a way that generates less smoke in comparison to regular plyboards. 

Slow Spread of Fire

The high fire penetration rate is one reason that leads to the worsening of fire accidents. To prevent the quick rate of fire, firewall technology is designed in such a way that it takes approximately 50-odd minutes for flames to penetrate through plywood sheets. This gives enough time for rescue operations without any hindrances and helps people to move from these dangerous places. At the same time, the source of the fire can be recognized and doused easily, preventing significant destruction. A slower spread of fire helps to keep your family safe. 

Low Flammability Rate

Flammability is defined as the time taken for plywood to catch fire. During research and various stages of development, it was discovered that it takes around thirty-five minutes for the fire to spread through the surface of firewall technology. This duration is much lower than regular plyboard sheets, which state that firewall technology is effective in fire-related incidents. 

Property of Fire Resistance

Firewall Ply is enriched with nano-engineered particles which resist fire penetration, thus, slowing down the spread of fire. This, in turn, gives enough time for the evacuation and other safety measures. 

Protection of Hardware Materials

Firewall ply is manufactured so that it absorbs less moisture from the environment. This keeps your hardware materials safe, which erodes due to moisture absorption. Also, CenturyPly promises that there will be no delamination of piles. 

Warranty Period

This fire-retardant technology has a warranty period of 21 years against borer and termite damages. 


While planning your dream house, it is important to keep safety measures in mind as your and your family’s safety matters. You won’t have to compromise with the beauty of your home while using these plyboard sheets. So, if you are constructing a new home or want to renovate your home, upgrade your home with fire-retardant plywood, which ensures the safety of your house as well as your loved ones. Visit the official website of CenturyPly to learn more about plyboard sheets infused with firewall technology.

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