Essential Oils For Bug Bites

Essential Oils For Bug Bites

Both the bites and the presence of bug are bothersome and unpleasant. Bugs enter our homes because the environment around us isn’t properly cleaned. Although many people use chemical insect repellent cream and other items, they can harm our skin and health. Therefore using essential oils, which have many anti-inflammatory benefits that work well on insect bites. They contribute to a reduction in swelling, redness, and itching. They function as a natural remedy to ease discomfort and hasten to heal. 

Pain, irritation, and redness all can be treated with essential oil, thanks to the anti-histamine property. The antibacterial property will aid in the healing of the wound. Apply to skin and clothing as the ingredients present in essential oils can choke and kill insects. To use it, you may either use a diffuser to spread different essential oil mixes throughout the area and kill bugs, or you can apply essential oils to your skin and clothes to prevent them from biting. In this blog we will be discussing which are the best essential oils to prevent bug bite like Hibiscus essential oil and how you can use them.



This oil is very effective against bug bites. It has the anti-inflammatory property that heals the bite very quickly. Diffusion of this oil with lavender oil is highly recommended for keeping the bugs away. This is also effective for ticks that are found in cats and dogs. When applied to the bite, it treats the itch and irritation very nicely.


This Essential Oil is advantageous as it has many qualities. Its dominant antibacterial characteristics can kill insects easily. You can make blends of several essential oils and use diffusion or apply it directly to your bites and to your skin to prevent the bugs. Tea Tree oil has a strong scent that chokes the bugs. When applied to the bite, it easily abolishes the pain and swelling. 


This oil is a good insecticide as its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial factors kill all the bugs. It can be used in the diffuser both inside the home and outside to keep bugs from biting you. You can also use them on your skin after combining them with a carrier oil like Cashew oil. This will reduce the pain and itching. 


The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties help in treating allergies and itching. Lavender oil is a good oil for repelling bugs. It helps in soothing bites. This essential oil does not have a strong aroma which is safe for your kids. Apply it to your cloth or skin to prevent the bugs from biting; if the bug bite is intense, it will speed up the healing.


It is known to have an antiseptic property that benefits bug bites. It lessens the pain and itches quickly. Apply it to your bite; it will numb all the pain, itch, and irritation. It is a good bug repellent as its smell is not tolerable by insects.  


Essential oils are a good choice for bug and insect repellent. These essential oils have antioxidants and other antibacterial properties that are very effective in killing insects. The specific Aroma of some essential oils is enough to suffocate and kill them. You can use it on your bites to lessen the pain and itch or use it in a diffuser to diffuse the oil in the surrounding. Make sure to dilute essential oils whenever you apply them to your skin, as these are very concentrated and cause some reactions. The oil mentioned in this article is a good choice for bug bites; make sure you buy from a reputable source.

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