Top 5 Essential Oils For Postpartum Hair Loss

postpartum hair loss

The postpartum time can be quite challenging for any woman. Most women go through this stage both before and after giving birth. Your body’s sudden hormonal shift brings on postpartum hair loss after giving birth. There may be more hair on your brushes than usual or larger hair falls in the shower. 

Consequently, using essential oils is a natural technique for treating postpartum hair loss. Yes, essential oils—these plant-based oils—have properties and ingredients that actively encourage hair growth, including antioxidants, antibacterial, fatty acids, Vitamin E, and others. If you are experiencing postpartum hair loss issues, you must try these natural oils. The ability of several essential oils to improve the well-being of the scalp and hair loss has been proven. 

Essential oils are effective treatments for various scalp and hair problems, from boosting hair smoothness and luster to treating conditions like dandruff on the scalp. In this blog, we will be discussing the best essential oils for postpartum hair loss like tea tree oil, Hibiscus essential oil etc and how you can incorporate them in your daily regime.

Best Essential oils for Postpartum Hair Loss

As a result of their numerous benefits, essential oils are today increasingly popular. It encourages hair development, one of its many advantages. In addition to possessing a variety of other active substances, they are also antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory, which supports the internal strengthening and thickening of hair. Try these excellent essential oils if you experience postpartum hair loss following or during pregnancy. 

Cedarwood Essential Oil 

The anti-fungal properties of cedarwood oil and sesquiterpenes are well known, an oxygen-transporting molecule that naturally cures postpartum hair loss. This strengthens and encourages your scalp, which frequently suffers after childbirth. In addition, cedarwood oil helps encourage the development of stronger, healthier follicles and improves blood circulation. When used in our homemade hair growth oil, you can immediately tell if your hair is thicker, stronger, hyperpigmented, or thinner. 

Tea Tree Essential Oil 

Tea Tree oil has been used for generations as a potent health enhancer, particularly for postpartum hair loss. Tea tree oil’s antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory qualities are excellent for treating dandruff while unclogging hair follicles and removing dead skin cells to allow hair to grow naturally and unhindered. One of the greatest essential oils for postpartum hair loss, tea tree oil works swiftly to replenish what has been lost through pregnancy and childbirth.

Peppermint Essential Oil 

Peppermint oil is thought to encourage blood flow and hair development by clearing clogged follicles. They are claimed to work because they include menthol, which, according to rumors, stimulates blood flow and ensures that your scalp gets enough oxygen. Due to its anti-fungal and antibacterial properties, it is excellent for reducing dandruff and the irritation of a dry scalp. To use, you can mix a few drops of peppermint oil in a carrier oil like cashew oil and apply on scalp.

Lavender Essential Oil 

Due to its many therapeutic benefits, lavender oil is a well-liked oil. It can be applied to the scalp to promote blood flow and unclog any hair follicles that may become clogged following pregnancy or for any other reason. On the scalp, lavender can work as an antibacterial agent to prevent infections and promote hair growth. By stimulating the hair follicle, which improves general scalp health and encourages repair activity on damaged regions, this potent oil has been used as a cure for mending broken hair and promoting healthy hair development.

Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary oil, which quickly restores what has been lost during pregnancy and delivery, is one of the greatest essential oils for postpartum hair loss. It has been shown to promote hair thickness and growth by feeding the hair follicles with essential nutrients and oxygen due to its ability to promote cellular regeneration and boost blood circulation. A healthy scalp’s dermatitis is encouraged by the wonderful anti-inflammatory effects of this substance, which also supports healthy hair development.


These top 5 essential oils for postpartum hair loss can be an excellent all-natural cure for the bouncy, long hair you may miss. You can eliminate these worrying hair problems with these essential oils. 

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