French Doors: Add Elegance & Charm To Living Spaces

French Doors

While planning to renovate a house or living space, one cannot disregard the aesthetic upgrade brought in by changing the doors and windows. While talking about the appeal, nothing beats the elegance and style of french doors in Melbourne

French doors have been a popular choice among homeowners over the years owing to the incredible versatility and practicality they offer. These doors are assembled with a massive pane of beautiful glass that allows abundant natural light to flow inside the living spaces. These doors are usually integrated with the front, back, patio, and garden openings of the property and assures great performance. 

Interesting Fact: French doors, with their origin in France, were windows that one could open and walk through like a door. These doors were used as a replacement for casement openings in balconies that allowed more light and fresh air to enter the rooms. 

What are french doors? 

Simply put, french doors in Melbourne are similar to any traditional doors but with an exception i.e. the glass panes of these doors extend for most of their length. These are usually available in single and double panels with small glass panes that also act as windows. French doors act as a great choice for connecting two social areas such as the patio and the living room. 

Typically, french doors are available in both hinged and sliding patterns that offer great practicality and convenience to the homeowners. Once installed properly, french doors ensure full access to the width of the space openings. Apart from letting abundant natural light inside a closed space, french doors are energy efficient that delivers performance similar to double glazed windows in Melbourne

Types of french doors 

There’s been a surge in demand for versatile door choices that allow for a seamless way to connect interior and exterior spaces. French doors are an ideal pick for homeowners looking for a versatile and practical door choice that is available in the following types: 

  • Double-hinged: This is the most commonly installed french door that is fixed using double or triple hinges and allows it to open in either direction. It is important to note that these doors require more space as clearance for the panels when they are wide open. 
  • Single-hinged: This is another popularly installed french door in Melbourne that is connected with the door frame using a single hinge and facilitates opening in both directions. 
  • Pocket doors: Pocket french doors are a preferred choice for small areas and spaces where the door panels slide on rollers into the wall recess while opened. 
  • Sliding doors: Unlike pocket doors, sliding french doors slide on a horizontal track and do not recess into the wall. They are best suggested for small areas that cannot accommodate the large door panels whilst they are open. 

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Benefits of installing french doors 

The benefits of french doors are in abundance, both in terms of appeal and practicality. Right from security and efficiency to great convenience, the unique attributes of french doors outweigh the popularity of any other door alternatives. Some key benefits of installing french doors in Melbourne are listed as follows: 

  • Aesthetic appeal: One of the most alluring features of french doors that adds to their popularity is their beautiful appearance. The window-like structure of the door makes them suitable for all types of houses and properties, irrespective of their existing style. These doors are available in multiple materials and quality that enhances the appeal of space incredibly.
  • Energy efficiency: Unlike most traditional doors, french doors facilitate double and triple glazing options that assure high energy efficiency of the closed space. The double glass panes in the door restrict air to pass through; thus, keeping the temperature inside intact. Much like triple and double-glazed windows in Melbourne, you can expect french doors to deliver high thermal efficiency and reduce noise transmission significantly. 
  • Security: Unlike what most people presume, french doors are one of the most secured door options available on the market. Despite the large window panes, french doors are equipped with modern high-security systems that offer great resistance to forced break-ins and other exterior factors. Also, the window panes allow homeowners to keep an eye on outside activities without keeping the doors open. 
  • Add property value: The real estate market is flourishing with more and more interested buyers willing to purchase well-maintained houses. Installing french doors adds to the property value and makes them more buyable. The elegance and charm brought in by french doors lure in customers and pay good money for ownership. 

Final Note 

The exclusive features and benefits of french doors in Melbourne make them a valuable investment. French doors complement the style and enhance the charm of every property, be it modern or traditional. They allow more light inside a closed space, increase the visual space, and provide a seamless bridge to outdoor spaces. 

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  1. […] Also check – French Doors: Add Elegance & Charm To Living Spaces […]

  2. […] Also check – French Doors: Add Elegance & Charm To Living Spaces […]

  3. […] Also check – French Doors: Add Elegance & Charm To Living Spaces […]

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