STOP Using Regular Plywood for Your Beautiful Home


Plywood like Sainik 710 has largely replaced the use of solid wood in homes and furniture. This is because of the flexibility that this plywood offers. It is versatile, gives a neat finish to the furniture, and is affordable and durable too. If you’re someone looking forward to getting your furniture made and cutting costs in plywood shopping, you’d be making a big mistake. Using the right type of foundation is crucial to expect a strong house. Likewise, if you hope to have durable woodwork, making use of good quality plywood is mandatory.

If you have a little knowledge of plywood, you would know that it comes in a wide range of grades. These depend on the number of layers used to bind the board together, thus, affecting the strength. 

We’ve come up with a few arguments over why you should choose Sainik 710 plywood over others:

Saves Money in the Long Run

Spending a sum on good quality plywood like Sainik 710 is much better than spending small amounts now and then. This is because furniture made from good grades of plywood like BWP plywood lasts you longer. Using this will save you from spending on repairs and make your furniture look as new and furnished as ever.

Protects your family

Cheap plywood contains harmful chemicals and substances. You don’t wish to take any chances when it comes to the safety of your loved ones. That is why investing in high-grade plywood like Sainik 710 is the wiser decision.

Termite & borer Resistant

Regular plywood can be a breeding ground for termites and borers. Once termite infects a particular section of your furniture, it infects all other areas that have wood in them. So, cutting costs in spending on plywood may backfire by spoiling all your wooden possessions.

On the other hand, like Sainik 710 plywood comes with borer and termite-resistant technology, keeping our furniture safe from all these pests. 

Multiple benefits 

High-grade plywood like Sainik 710 has various perks that help in the longevity of the product. Such waterproof plywood is capable of protecting itself from deterioration due to moisture. It can withstand extreme fluctuations in weather and temperature. Along with this, they are composed of chemicals that make them safe from termites.

Strong Foundation

A common mistake that house owners make is by using high-quality products for finishing and final touches but using regular plywood for the foundation of the furniture. This is a grave mistake because using regular plywood does not give a strong build to the product. The regular plywood used may get deteriorated, and you will end up losing the money spent on it.

Promise of Durability

This is a feature that regular plywood doesn’t offer you. High-grade plywood like Sainik 710 has 3-4 veneers of wood glued strongly together with specialized chemicals. Such plywood provides ultimate strength to furniture. Most of these come with a warranty and lasts long enough to redeem your money’s worth.


It is not every day that we make new homes for ourselves. So, when we do, we try to make it the best version of what our pockets can afford. Along with being budget-friendly, we expect our investment to serve us for a long duration. This is why you must always opt for quality always. It will not just save you time and effort but also prove to be safe and secure for you. Now that you’re aware of the pros and cons of opting for regular vs advanced plywood and how using the right plywood can be a game changer, we’re hoping that you are ready to make an informed decision! 

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